Authentic everyday sentences in German and in American English

This page allows you to search a database of sentences in German and their counterparts in American English. The search can be done by keywords that are associated with each sentence and which tell the context in which the sentence is used. This allows you to build a set of sentences to learn for a given context, knowing that the sentences in German are authentic, in the sense that they were written by native German speakers or professionals with the same linguistic abilities. Separating search terms by semicolons will return additional results. Between the semicolons, exact matches are required.

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Suggestion: Copy the results of your search into a spreadsheet program to print them. Each line has four parts, separated by tabs, and they should end up in four columns in the spreadsheet. The first part contains English keywords, the second is a sentence in English, the third is the corresponding sentence in German, and the fourth contains German keywords.

Disclaimer: The translations here may not be perfectly accurate, and could possibly not be correct at all. Use them with caution.

Usage: The database and all searches derived from it may be used for personal or educational purposes free of charge. Commercial uses are not allowed.