Investment return calculator

This page calculates a single rate of return for a series of investments, as an annual percentage rate. You can think of this as the average rate of return; it is also known as the internal rate of return, or IRR.

Input data in this format:
Column 1, date in MM/DD/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD or DD Month YYYY format
Column 2, dollar amount invested (positive) or sold (negative)
Column 3, balance as of that date
Note that if you have the balance as of a current date, you can put it in with investment value 0.
Note that not every row needs an entry in column 3. The rate of return will only be calculated for dates for which the balance is entered.
Note that entries on each row should all be separated by tabs (as when copied from a spreadsheet) or by semicolons or by spaces if the date has no space. Don't mix separators within a single line.
Dollar signs and commas will be stripped out.

Single investment over time Multiple closeouts

Disclaimer: This analysis is for illustration only and does not constitute investment advice.