Author of Survival House, The Cucumber King of Kėdainiai, In Lithuanian Wood, Centaur of the North, and B. Horror and Other Stories

Praise for Survival House (SFASU Press):

"From the ruins of a Soviet nuclear facility
emerges an epiphany about the global
violence’s source in the human heart.
With satirical and lyric virtuosity, Mayo
conjures an essential wonder: 'we were
connected to things we could scarcely
-Sharona Muir, author of Invisible Beasts

"There isn’t a writer who can better show
us the absurdist nightmares and gut-
busting humor of our own fears and doubts
manifesting into monsters. And there couldn’t
be a more perfect time for a book like this
in America."
-Dustin M. Hoffman, author of One-
Hundred Knuckled Fist

Excerpt from “The Trans-Siberian Railway Comes to Whitehouse”

In anticipation of Siberian spring, Herbie ended Tuesday Parka Nights. Business was good. People kept coming, and brought family and relatives.Herbie’d trained customers well. We scarcely saw the Bishop in the dining room to clear dishes. Eventually, Herbie hired a couple high school kids from nearby Tontogany to celebrate, taught them to dance a rudimentary hopak, dressed them suitably, and had them perform on weekends. Whitehouse was transformed, no longer a place of retirees, pensioners, social security and disability checks, of old Crown Vics and pickups few could afford to repair. We were lovers, revolutionaries, toughened by winter, warmed by necessity in our hearts, passions that burned all the more because once a week all winter we’d been literally freezing in Trotsky’s. Dead revolutionary Russia had breathed new life into Whitehouse...

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