Author of The Cucumber King of Kėdainiai, In Lithuanian Wood, Centaur of the North, and B. Horror and Other Stories

Praise for B. Horror and Other Stories (Livingston):

"Beguiling ... Mayo, in his third book, demonstrates that 'horror' can mean something as simple as fear and apprehension, and in patient, sharp prose, he pushes his characters into small psychic duels, where people come close to understanding each other but can't--or won't--get there ..."
 -The New York Times Book Review

"[These] shine with the professional polish of subtly wrought revelation."
 -Publishers Weekly

Excerpt from story, “Robert's Bride”

When I get home the sub is cold anyway. I put it in the microwave a minute; I start laughing. At first it feels good to laugh. I am laughing at Robert and his weird Bride. Then I realize I am alone, laughing. I mean I am alone, and laughing about Robert's Bride, and I don't feel bad or anything, just scared--I continue to laugh because I am scared--and I get more scared as time passes, laughing the way you do when you're really frightened by something, like a shadow or a noise, then the earthly reason for the apparition appears, like a cat, or a book slumping over in the library and hitting the floor--and you're relieved because it was only some object, or thing, or a cat--but you're still laughing and scared at what it might have been.

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