12th Annual ORD/OAL  
l-groups vs. MV-algebras  
June 15-18, 2009
Bowling Green State University  

12th Annual International Conference on Ordered Algebraic Structures

Monday, June 15th, through Thursday, June 18th, 2009
Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA

The conference will be a celebration of the work and achievement of Prof. W. Charles Holland.
The main themes of the conference will center around the theories of lattice-ordered groups and MV-algebras.
If you are interested in participating in the conference please contact Dr. McGovern at the email given below.

Sponsored by:  
  • the Consortium for Order in Algebra and Logic (OAL)
  • the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Bowling Green State University
  • the College of Arts and Sciences at Bowling Green State University
  • the generous private donations of several individuals

    Flight Information BOWLING GREEN

    For more information about the conference please contact Dr. Warren Wm. McGovern: warrenb@bgnet.bgsu.edu

    Workshop for new faculty and graduate students on Lattice-Ordered Groups and MV-Algebras