Major Experimental Resources:

Description of main lab space. ~1100 sq. feet with five banks of drawers and benchtop surfaces. Three new energy-efficient Labconco hoods with renovated/replaced air-handling supply and exhaust. Two separate rooms for experimental preparation including chemical storage and cell culture. Bench and drawer space sufficient for ~8 students.

Light scattering characterization capabilities include Wyatt Technologies Nanostar batch DLS unit capable of analyzing samples with 1 µl volume. Primarily used for evaulating solution properties of protein samples for crystallization and the effects of freezing or other treatments on protein samples. We also have a Wyatt miniDAWN multi-angle light scattering detector connected on-line with a Shimadzu HPLC for absolute molecular weight determination of protein samples separated by size exclusion chromatography.

Coy Laboratories dual-anaerobic chamber (4 pairs of gloveports) for protein purification and crystallization. Various equipment for anaerobic protein purification installed including Qsonic Q500 programmable sonicator for cell lysis, AKTA Prime Plus HPLC outfitted with various chromatography columns, Eppendorf Minispin+ microcentrifuge and inert gas lines for stirred-cell concentration. Anaerobic crystallization equipment includes SZX10 microscope with digital camera for imaging and anaerobic sparse-matrix screening capabilities.

Complete bacterial cell culture pipeline installed in the lab. Consolidated Sterilizer Systems autoclave capable of processing eight 2L flasks. 37oC incubator for solid media, Thermo MaxQ-4000 tabletop shaker for overnight and low-volume cultures. Thermo MaxQ-5000 refrigerated/icubated shaker for large-scale bacterial cultures (outfitted with twelve 2L flask clamps).

Thermo (Sorvall) Evolution RC refrigerated centrifuge. We have three Fiberlite carbon-fiber rotors capable of processing either fifty 1.5 ml centrifuge tubes, fourteen 50 ml Falcon tubes or up to six 1000 ml bottles at a time.