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Work Photographed or Reviewed in Selected Publications
Making Art: Form and Meaning, Terry Barrett, McGraw-Hill Higher Education (Forthcoming)
Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice, 11th Edition, Ocvirk, Stinson,
Wigg, Bone and Cayton, McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Art Jewelry Today, Schiffer Publishing(2008), by Jeffrey B. Snyder, photographs of works, pp. 85 and 99
Wrap, Stitch, Fold and Rivet, Lark Books, Sterling Publishing, NY(2008), p. 33
500 Chairs: Celebrating Traditional and Innovative Desin, Lark Books, Sterling Publishing, NY(2008), p. 159
500 Pendants and Lockets, Lark Books, p. 264
500 Metal Vessels, Lark Books
500 Baskets, Lark Books, page 408
The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry, Lark Books
The Craft of Silversmithing, Alexandra P. Austin, Lark Books, page 136
Triennial 9 Form and Contents: Corporal Identity-Body Language, bi-lingual German and English
The Metalsmiths Book of Boxes and Lockets, Tim McCreight, Author, Hand Books Press, Madison, Wisconsin, 1999
The White House Collection of American Crafts, Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
Designing for the Table, Michael Wolk, PBC International, Inc., five photographs of work, pages 163 and 164
Silbergestaltung, Klinkhardt and Biermann (Germany), photograph of work in section titled, "Silver: An American Tradition," by Rosanne Raab, page 67.
Design Visions: The Australian International Crafts Triennial, photograph and discussion of work in section on American Jewelry and Metalwork by Sarah Bodine and Michael Dunas, pages 85 and 92
Reviews or Feature Articles:
* Metalsmith, Summer 2004 “The Forest and the Trees: Tom Muir,” Cover photograph, masthead and feature article, pp. 18 - 25 [click to view] *
* American Craft, February/March, 2001. Review of solo exhibition, DEVISED NATURE at Ohio Wesleyan University, pp. 96 and 97  [click to view] *
Metalsmith, Fall 1988, work featured on cover of magazine and four page feature article, pages 24 – 27
New York Times, Art Review, 'CORPORAL IDENTITY — BODY LANGUAGE' “Celebrating the Flesh: Its Fullness, Its Frailties, Its Forbidden Secrets.” December 5, Grace Glueck. Mention of name and work
Crart(Korea), March 2003, photographs of work in article on Bowling Green State University, pp. 46 and 47
Exhibition in Print 2002, Metalsmith, p. 37, photographs of work and statement
American Craft, February/March, 2000. Work featured in Acquisitions section
Exhibition in Print 1998, Metalsmith. Photographs of works and statement
American Craft, April/May 1994, pp. 60, 61, interview and photograph of work in "The Ubiquitous Tea Pot" article
Ohio Designer Craftsmen, "THE BEST OF 1992" publicity poster.
A Neglected History: 20th Century American Craft, American Craft Museum publication, page 53, photograph and discussion of work.
American Craft, February/March 1990, pages 66 and 67, work featured in Portfolio section.