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“Ingress-Egress” Teapot Study
Sterling, copper, glass, acrylic, rubber
8 x 12 ½ x 3 ¼", 2008
Digital Rendering: Claas Kuhnen
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“Ingress-Egress” explores the interpretation, history, and cultural meaning of teapots and tea strainers. This vessel demonstrates the unique aesthetic perspective developed in my work, a perspective that combines interests in the craft history, engineering, and ornamentation of household implements. This work reflects a ripening process in thematic references such as steeping, and other time-dependent natural processes. My aesthetic exploration within such diverse formats and media as digital rendering, drawing, metalsmithing and other craft media gives my work as a whole greater depth, because the components of individual works are counterplotted against one another in an exchange of forms, feelings, and ideas. The question addressed by all my vessels is: what is the meaning of containment? Answers vary, depending on whether the viewer thinks about water and its symbolism, tea and its meanings, or more abstract notions of human craft in dialogue with the natural world.