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Changing Hand - tea infuser
18 karat yellow and white gold
2 5/8” x 1 ¾” x ¾”, 2001
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“Changing Hand,” a tea infuser, articulates a dynamic, nurturing and transforming relation between nature and the human activities of craft and technology. Tea making requires skillful transformation of nature: tea must be expertly grown, picked, cured and steeped, to be served in a rite which, from the Japanese ceremony to the high decorum of the British, infuses tea with cultural significance. The hand can represent the maker, both Man the Maker generally, and the signature of an artist. In “Changing Hand,” the hand is the very vessel in which the transformation of natural materials – leaves and water – into the culturally mediated tea takes place. “Changing Hand” celebrates transformations that blur and change the boundaries between artistic creativity and Creation.