Möbius Transformation Acting on S_1

New! See version 2 here.

This is a partial, wandering attempt at the problem, "Which Möbius transformations fix the unit circle?" In particular, the applet calculates the images of E, F, and G under

Move the green points A, B, C, and D freely. You can also move the black points E, F, and G along the unit circle.

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A result of this approach? The following conditions:

|BC-AD|=|D|^2-|C|^2 and (|D/C|^2-1)AC^2=AD^2-BCD.

One example you can try above is A=(-4,2), B=(-2, -2), C=(2,-2), and D=(4,2).

Tim Cieplowski, January 3, 2010, Created with GeoGebra