Solving systems

Activity Guidelines

We know that two lines that are not parallel intersect at exactly one point.

Each student will be given the equation of a line in the plane.

The goal: identify three lines that intersect all at the same point. There are two such triples.

The rules:
  • You may not show anyone else your equation.
  • You may only communicate with students seated adjacent to you (L and R)
  • You and an adjacent neighbor may switch seats at any time.
  • Three students must be seated adjacent to win. Tell me when that happens.
  • There is a HUGE penalty for guessing. Work with your neighbor to verify solutions. Do not allow yourself to be misidentified as a part of a winning triple.
  • After finding a triple, work on supplemental exercises.
  • The remaining five students will continue to seek the other triple.

The equations: should we play "Whose line ...?


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Tim Cieplowski, August 9, 2011, Created with GeoGebra