Lessons & GeoGebra applets

I use GeoGebra; it is free, user-friendly, and continually expanding to represent a comprehensive resource for me and my students. My favorite activities and applets appear here as well as on my GeoGebra page.


Some GeoGebra animations

Animations page

Algebra Activities

On GeoGebraTube?

Linear equations smartboard activity Yes
3 Rounds of Linear Equations Questions Yes
'Destroy' game for linear functions Yes
Exploring forms for quadratic equations Yes
Lesson on systems of linear equations
Intro lesson/activity for parabolas

Geometry Activities

On GeoGebraTube?

Intro to a lesson on parallelograms
Cat(s) on a ladder Yes
Proposals one and two to extend regular polygons to star polygons. Yes

Trigonometry Activities

On GeoGebraTube?

Sines and cosines
Generating Sine, Take 2 Yes
History of Tuning
An equation of Euler Yes
Transformations of trigonometric functionsYes

Probability or Combinatorics Activities

On GeoGebraTube?

Sums of cubes of digits
Knockout primes and this sequence!
Lazy Caterer's Sequence
Is it a triangular number? Yes
Galton's Quincunx
Probability distribution of diceYes
Very prime circles"Yes"

Statistics Activities

On GeoGebraTube?

Baseball Standings
Boxplot game
Mammogram Math
How many tanks? Yes
Binomal approximationYes
Chi-squared distribution
How my students discovered least-squares
'Game' from 'discovering least-squares' Yes

Calculus or Analysis Activities

On GeoGebraTube?

Intro to secant line method
Construct the Cantor sequence and function
Image of the unit circle

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