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Here are some ideas I've animated using GeoGebra. If you're curious, ask me for the .ggb files.

Rotations of integers - 4/29/15

Find a non-right triangle w/integer side lengths, coord's (a,b),(c,d),(e,f) all 6 different, or prove that no such triangle exists.

— Bowen Kerins (@bowenkerins) April 28, 2015

tags: pythagorean, diophantine, triangle

Snub square tiling - 3/18/15

tags: regular, polygons, tiling, equilateral

Rearranging diagonals of 2^n-gons - 3/16/15

tags: diagonal, trigonometry, average value

Average diagonal - 3/15/15

In response to this tweet:

A regular n-sided polygon is inscribed in a unit circle. What's the average distance between pairs of vertices? Limit as n goes to infinity?

— Dave Radcliffe (@daveinstpaul) March 15, 2015

tags: diagonal, trigonometry, average value

Reflections - 2/19/15

A parabola reflects parallel rays toward a common focus. What if our target is a segment instead of a point? Some discussion
tags: parabola, focus, angles, isosceles, iteration

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