Animations - second page

Here are some ideas I've animated using GeoGebra. If you're curious, ask me for the .ggb files.

Parabola - 2/8/15

1, 4, 9, 16 . . .
tags: quadratic, parabola, gears

Harriss spiral inside out - 1/15/15

In the limiting case, how many shapes of each size are there?
tags: plastic, fractal, similar, sequence

NFL Points by minute - 1/7/15

tags: sports, probability

Very prime circles - 1/1/15

Integers from 1 to 2m are arranged in a circle so that the sum and (absolute) difference of neighbors is a prime number. This sequence uses a minimal number of cuts to add numbers to the circle.
tags: prime, circle, OEIS, integer

Geometric series - 12/14/14

tags: similar, series, hexagon

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