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It's Summer!!

The world may not be getting more peaceful, but the campus sure is... We won't be maintaining a summer calendar as such, but if anything comes up, we'll post it! Wishing you all some sun filled peaceful days.
Sheri and Jason W-J


Check out this new book distributed by Clamor Magazine. Cost $12.00.:

IN THE FIRST MAJOR collection of responses to September 11th, six twentysomethings from across the US (including one who lost his father in the World Trade Center) reflect on how the crisis has impacted their lives, explore the roots of anti-American terrorism, and offer concrete solutions for preventing future atrocities.

WHO IS IN IT? Familiar voices such as Angela Davis, Deepak Chopra, Eduardo Galeano, Rebecca Walker, Barbara Kingsolver, Davey D, John Robbins, Rep. Barbara Lee, Aaron McGruder (Boondocks), and Sebastião Salgado (photographer) are balanced with family members who lost loved ones; people who escaped alive and/or experienced anti-Middle Eastern scape-goating firsthand.

News Links

We don't have the resources to offer a truly comprehensive set of links to alternative news sources, but here are some links that have been recommended to us as both reliable and current. We've also included a resources section for on-line background information. At the moment, these are in no particular order. Please pass along any good ones that aren't here.

News Links


Center for Defense Information
Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan
contains documents dating back to 1997 or so that critique both the Taliban and the "Northern Alliance." It also should prove useful in helping to develop an analysis as well as enabling local vocalization of some possible objectives concerning food aid, international (UN) involvement, and social justice issues in Afghanistan. http://rawasongs.fancymarketing.net/index.html
Who is bin Laden and where does he come from?
PBS Frontline and MSNBC on who is Osama Ben Laden. Or go directly to Ben Laden's biography assembled by Frontline.
The US and Iraq
Ramsay's Clark on Iraq, Feb. 2001
9-11 Teach in site from Prof Ed Singer, Northwest State CC. Contains links to a nice variety of back ground information and perspectives.
Interviews with some of our leading dissident voices.
In response to the media's lockout of progressive voices in the aftermath of 9/11 and the beginning of America's "New War", the Media Education Foundation has launched a technologically innovative web-based project: "Beyond the Frame: Alternative Perspectives on the September 11th Atrocities" featuring streaming video and audio interviews. Among the ones already up are Noam Chomsky and Nawal el Saadawi. In preparation are interviews with Howard Zinn, Robin Morgan, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Rabbi Michael Lerner among others.
National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC)
Coverage of crack downs on the media since 9-11 and action alerts: http://www.ncac.org/issues/freeex911.html
On Organizing
Ten Principles for Social Justice Organizing in A Time of Crisis
by Bill Quigley, Loyola Law School
Just War Theory
A little comic relief

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Bowling Green Speaks

Once again, we don't have the resources to provide our visitors with a truly comprehensive listing of opinions on the war. With this in mind, we have decided to focus on the local level. This section contains links to materials written by people in the local Bowling Green area. No one piece of writing necessarily covers all our varied opinions. Each is inspiring and challenging in its own right. Please forward anything you would like to have posted.

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To Join the Listserv

We have a listserv that helps us stay in touch with one another and plan events. If you would like to join, please send a message to

listproc@listproc.bgsu. edu

In the body of your message, write:

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You may also subscribe by sending mail to the list owner and asking in plain English to be added to the list! Send mail to Sheri Wells-Jensen at swellsj@bgnet.bgsu.edu

There is also 'peacenet lite' a low-volume alternative. This list, limited to three or four messages a week tops, will keep you informed about actions and goings on in brief. The listname is bg-peacenews, and you get on the sameway you get on the peacenet list. You can switch between lists at any time.

Addresses of Federal Reps

Please contact your representatives by email, phone or fax.

secretary@state.gov (for Colin Powell's office)

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