Walenka here.... I'm hiding scans of rarer Cybertronians. (Transformers to you from Earth.)

   Happy hunting

You have arrived in the space near Nevatron. As you approach, you review the fragment of the recording that started your quest.

Omega Supreme is lying on the largest repair table of a damaged repair bay. Walenka,

(one of the last planetary technicians) is runing system checks on him while a monitor

displays the launch of Optimus Prime's Ark ship. He sighs and lays back. "I should

be with them."

   Walenka watches her monitors she and a drone begin removing damaged modules.

"You've seen them off. now I have my work to do." She opens his chest and tries to

remember Cybertron the way it was before the war.

    She works with the efficiency programmed into her and how she has programed

her drones. When she finishes, and Omega is recharging, she calls up designs she

has worked on. They show a small base, using an asteroid as it's core.

   You fast frame it ahead through her design work, and the many missing segments.

  . In ten standard years, she has excavated the core and installed power systems that

could shift the balance of power. Several chambers are finished and the beginnings

of others are obvious.

   No word is ever received from the lost ark, or the Decepticon cruiser that followed

it. Walenka keeps repairing the damages of battle and rescuing the wounded she can.

She takes the personality components from those too damaged to repair and puts

them is a stasis chamber, for the time that Cybertron shall shine again.

     As she finishes the first level and begins work on the second, she looks toward

Cybertron. "Althought I am not a guardian, I know the technology of all weapons.

I do not have to worry about attack because of the deactivacation systems I've created.

So all who wish to come here in peace, even if just to rest for awhile, are welcome."

     You fast forward through the time she watches many revolutions of Cybretron.

The smoke from finished battles and the scars from those long over.

   She looks at the curved surface of what she has built. "I never dreamed of having

to live away from Cybertron..." You can almost see her visual sensors mist for a

moment. "Never... Cybertron..   Nevatron." Her eyes gleam in commitment.

She looks at Cybertron, imagining it as she hopes it will once more be, then returns

to her work.


You look at your scanners as it displays information and six views of the planetiod

below you.

SIZE: 4 Kilometers in diameter

ORBIT: Stable distance from Cybertron. High probability orbit is artificially controled

You can click on each display to get more information.






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