Born:  July 6, 1931, New York City


Education:  University of Michigan:                B.A., 1953         Geology

                                            M.A., 1963        History

                                            Ph.D., 1969        U.S. Constitutional History



Academic:                   Bowling Green State University                     Instructor                               1965

     Department of History                                  Assistant Professor                 1969

     Bowling Green, Ohio                                    Associate Professor               1974

          Professor                               1982

          Professor Emeritus                 1991

     Indiana University, Bloomington                   Visiting Professor                    1992-1999

     Department of Business Economics and Public Policy




                                                                                 Department of History

                                                                        Bowling Green State University

                                                                             Bowling Green, Ohio 43403

                                                                                  Phone: (419) 372-2030


                                                                                305 Martindale Avenue

                                                                            Bowling Green, Ohio  43402

                                                                                 Phone:  (419) 352-5196







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