Academic Advancement in Composition Studies:
Scholarship, Publication, Promotion, Tenure

Edited by
Richard C. Gebhardt
Barbara Genelle Smith Gebhardt


Winner of a 1997 Dasher Book Award from the College English Association of Ohio for books on professional issues published in the previous three years. In presenting the award, the Dasher chair cited one judge's comments about the book: Academic Advancement in Composition Studies isn't just about scholarship, publishing, promotion and tenure in rhetoric and composition; it's a book for all English department chairs.

Reviews: Carol Petersen, "Composition and Campus Diversity," College Composition and Communication, Dec. 1988, 277-91. Cynthia Simpson, Review of Three Books, Teaching English in the Two-Year College, Sep. 1998, 90-92.

Overview (Adapted from the Erlbaum Catalog)

This book deals with a number of related issues that are becoming increasingly crucial for English studies:

The way American higher education is rethinking "scholarship" and the role it plays in the work and evaluation of faculty members.

The role composition studies faculty can play in this review of scholarship and professional advancement.

The diversity of research and scholarly publication in composition studies.

The fact that composition studies faculty are often evaluated by personnel committee members, department chairs, and deans unfamiliar with the nature and demands of the field.

The book seeks to address the entire spectrum of "composition studies" . . . by understanding the nature of and evaluating the work of faculty members in this broad field. . . . The chapters focus on a variety of subjects, including the importance of mentoring and faculty development in all departments and institutions, and how young scholar-teachers can prepare for a successful personnel or tenure review.

The intended audience includes, among others, graduate students in composition studies; probationary faculty looking toward tenure evaluation; associate professors concerned about promotion; and department chairs dealing with faculty evaluations.

Erlbaum Catalog Info on the Book


Evolving Approaches to Scholarship, Promotion, and
Tenure in Composition Studies
Richard C. Gebhardt

Scholarship in Composition and Literature: Some Comparisons
John Schilb

Nonacademic Publication As Scholarship
Douglas Hesse and Barbara Genelle Smith Gebhardt

Writing Administration As Scholarship and Teaching
Duane H. Roen

Scholarship, Tenure, and Composition Studies in the Two-Year College
Keith Kroll and Barry Alford

Scholarship, Tenure, and Promotion in Professional Communication
Nancy Roundy Blyler, Margaret Baker Graham, and Charlotte Thralls

Presenting Writing Center Scholarship: Issues for Faculty
and Personnel Committees
Muriel Harris

Promotion and Tenure Review of ESL and Basic-Skills Faculty
Nancy Duke S. Lay

Preparing Yourself for Successful Personnel Review
Richard C. Gebhardt

Special Challenges Facing Women in Personnel Reviews
Janice Neuleib

Mentoring--and (Wo)mentoring--in Composition Studies
Theresa Enos

Mentor and Evaluator: The Chair's Role in Promotion and Tenure Review
Richard C. Gebhardt

The Importance of External Reviews in Composition Studies
Lynn Z. Bloom

Scholarship Reconsidered: A View from the Dean's Office
Susan H. McLeod

Afterword: Re-Envisioning Tenure in an Age of Change
Elizabeth Tebeaux

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