Informative speech topic ideas

Personality tests
Who are the libertarians?
What is inflation?
Electric cars
What was Watergate?
Political parties
Describe a piece of current legislation
Biography of an important  person...........who is...?
History of an event (Halloween, etc.), or describe a historical event
Genetic cloning
Computer viruses
The Bermuda Triangle
History of a type of music, or a musician
Describe a sport that people are not familiar with
Cellular phones
Describe a historic place
Food preservatives
Chemical warfare (or the anthrax vaccine, etc.)
LASIK vision correction

Informative Speech Tips:

 Pick a topic that is interesting to you, that you think will interest your audience, and that your audience knows little about.
 If you select a topic of some controversy, an informative speech would   describe the various sides, or the pros and cons, but not move further to persuade the audience to feel a certain way
 Reminder:  you must conduct research on this topic, and have at least 4 sources in your bibliography.

Topics to avoid

 Gun Control
 Drunk Driving
 Drug Legalization
 Eating disorders
 Capital Punishment
(they are either overdone, more persuasive than informative or your audience is likely already informed)

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