Moore Laboratory---Sarah Wofford's Page
Paul Moore
Department of Biological Sciences
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio
Ph: 419-372-8556
Sarah is a south Alabama native who is pursuing her PhD and still trying to adjust to the presence of snow. Sarah earned a bachelor's of science degree in Marine Science and Biology at the University of Alabama,Tuscaloosa, in 2011. She then earned her master of science with Dr. Moore in August of 2013. The focus of her thesis project was the differential usage of information of males and females in contests over resources. Sarah found that male and female crayfish use information differently for the purpose of decision making during different types of contests (same sex vs mixed sex contests). Her PhD research is designed to build on the findings of her masters by means of visualizing and quantifying the chemical signals utilized in these contests. Furthermore, she aims to discern just how significant of a role these chemical signals play by inhibiting the sending or receiving of the signal.