Michael J. Zickar, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology, Bowling Green State University




Volunteer Opportunities Relevant to Psychology, Social Work, and Human Services

These are listed as a public service.  You will not receive extra credit for participating in these activities.  However, if you are considering graduate school in psychology, social work, or related fields, these activities will make your application look better than the student who just took classes and did nothing else. 

Children's Resource Center

They are looking for PSYC 201 students help with these programs:  Partial Hospitalization, the Residential Unit, Prevention groups (working with young and less experienced parents and their infants and toddlers), and in the Severe Behaviorally Handicapped classrooms.  If interested, please call Dave Kneessi at 352-7588 or e-mail davek@crc.wcnet.org.  Also, see me if you'd like to see more information. 

Updated 8/29/00