Psych 201

Michael J. Zickar, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology, Bowling Green State University


Review 3
Paper 4
Chapter 8
Chapter 16
Test #5 Review
Chapter 17
Personality Test
Test #4 Review

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Course Announcements:

4/28/03:  Final key words posted.  Sample items will follow tomorrow.

4/24/03:  Chapter 17 notes posted.

4/18/03:  Chapter 16 notes posted.  

4/14/03:  Paper #4 posted.  

4/09/03:  Next chapter (chapter 8) notes posted. 

4/8/03:  Review Wednesday in room 300 of Moseley Hall, 7:30-8:30pm.  

4/8/03:  Paper 3 assignment posted along with the personality test needed to complete it.

4/3/03:  Test 4 review posted

4/3/03:  Chapter 13 notes posted.

3/28/03:  Chapter 12 notes posted.

3/21/03:  Chapter 11 notes posted.  

3/5/03:  Paper #2 posted. 

3/4/03:  Review for test 3 posted.  Warning--this may change slightly but I wanted to post to give people more timing.  

3/1/03:  Chapter 10 notes posted.

2/21/03:  Chapter 9 notes posted.

2/20/03:  Review tonight from 7-8pm in 115 Education Bldg.  

2/13/03:  Review 2 notes posted.

2/13/03:  Chapter 14 notes posted.

2/7/03:  Chapter 7 notes posted.

1/31/03:  Chapter 5 notes posted.  

1/30/03:  E-reserve available now.

Here is the information from the library services:

The course password is:
                  Two Zero One S Zero Three M Z
It does not matter whether the letters are in lower case or upper case.  However, the system is sensitive to the difference between the number zero and the letter "o" so you might want to be clear with your students on the password.


1/28/03:  Review in 115 Education 7-8pm; extra office hours 1-4pm in 233 Psychology Bldg.  

1/24/03:  Review sheet for test 1 posted.  

1/23/03:  Chapter 4 notes posted.  Paper assignment #1 also posted.  

Welcome to the course website.  I wish you luck in the course and hope that you enjoy the adventure of learning about psychology!

Chapter Outlines: To access the chapter overheads that I use in lecture, please click on the appropriate chapter in the navigational bar off to the left. 

Caveats about the Outlines--

   1)  There will often be slight differences between the overheads that are downloaded and the ones I use in class (occasionally I will make last minute changes);

   2)  I do not always cover all material that are on the overheads.  Material that is on the overheads that we did not cover in class AND that is not covered in the book will not be on the test ;

    3)  These overheads are skeletons of the material.  You should print them out BEFORE class and then use them to facilitate note-taking.  They are not substitutes for attending lecture. 

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