Favorite Links

Michael J. Zickar, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology, Bowling Green State University




Favorite Links

These are some of the websites that I visit often.


New York Times:  I start every morning checking the New York Times online version.  Generally, I read the front page, politics, and arts sections.

ESPN:  I'll also check the scores for my favorite teams:  St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, BGSU Falcon's, and the Fighting Illini.

Salon:  A Democratic slanted news magazine that offers interesting political and cultural critiques.  


Steve Lacy:    Steve is the world's greatest saxophonist ever.  I am one of the dumbest people in the world--a Steve Lacy completist.  This is a futile task because his discography has over 200+ recordings, many of them on hard-to-find European labels.         

Joe McPhee:  Joe is another one of my favorite jazz artists, another free jazz artist who can play it hard or slow. 

All About Jazz:  The best jazz magazine on the web.