Course Syllabi

Michael J. Zickar, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology, Bowling Green State University



These are syllabi compiled via the WWW.  If you have a syllabi that you wish to share, please e-mail  Also, please contact the instructor of the relevant course before using data sets, assignments, and the like.

General Psychometric Theory

Dr. Louise C. Mâsse, University of Texas at Houston,  Measurement Theory.

Dr. Mickey Quiñones, Rice University, Psychometrics, includes assignments with data sets.

Dr. Neil Schmitt, Michigan State University, Test Construction.

Dr. Richard R. Sudweeks, Brigham Young University,  Measurement Theory.

Dr. Joe Stevens, University of New Mexico, ADVANCED EDUCATIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL MEASUREMENT, includes handouts, assignments, and data sets.

Dr. Rebecca Zwick, University of California at Santa Barbara,  Psychometrics.

Item Response Theory