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Actuarial Science


Actuarial Science at BGSU

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics/Actuarial Science Specialization

Graduate study in actuarial science

Typically, graduate students who are planning on actuarial careers enroll in our MSAS (Master of Science in Applied Statistics) program. It is a jointly sponsored program by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Applied Statistics and Operations Research in the College of Business. Information about the MSAS program at BGSU.

The cognate courses that would be relevant for actuarial science are MATH 5250 (Theory of Interest), MATH 5260-5270 (Actuarial Mathematics I and II, life contingencies). These courses cover the SOA/CAS exam syllabus for FM/2 and MLC/3L, respectively. The required courses MATH 5410-5420 and MATH 6410-6420 cover more than enough probability for Exam P/1 and also much of the statistics portion of Exam C/4. One can satisfy the VEE in applied statistics by taking STAT 5020+ STAT 5160.

Plans are underway to add a two semester sequence at the 5000 level to cover Exam C/4. Another course sometimes offered in summer is financial economics, which covers Exam MFE/3F; our graduate summer courses are listed under MATH 6820 (special topics) with course title varying by section.

For more information about admission and about graduate programs, contact our graduate coordinator; currently Dr. Tong Sun is the graduate coordinator. For information about actuarial science contact Dr. Maria Rizzo.

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