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J. Devin McAuley


Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Director, Center for Neuroscience, Mind and Behavior Bowling Green State University
Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington


(419) 372-0285

Room 249, Psychology Building

Research Interests:
  • Time and rhythm perception in humans and other animals
  • Auditory cognition especially in relation to music and speech
  • Cognitive development and aging
  • Dynamic systems approaches to behavior
  • Neurobiology of attention and timing
  • Circadian rhythms


Selected Publications:

McAuley, J. D., Jones, M. R., Holub, S., Johnston, H. and Miller, N. S. (2006).  The time of our lives: Lifespan development of timing and event tracking. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

Miller, J. P., McAuley, J. D., and Pang, K. C. H. (2006).  Effect of the NMDA receptor antagonist MK-801 on short-interval timing in rats. Behavioral Neuroscience, 120, pp. 162-172

Miller, N. S. and McAuley, J. D. (2005).  Tempo sensitivity in isochronous sequences: The multiple-look model revisited.  Perception & Psychophysics, 67, pp. 1150 - 1160.

Jones, M. R. and McAuley, J. D. (2005).  Time judgments in global temporal contexts.  Perception & Psychophysics. 67, pp. 398-417.

Miller, J. P, McAuley, J. D. and Pang, K. C. H. (2005).  Spontaneous fos expression in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of young and old mice.  Neurobiology of Aging, 26, pp. 1107 - 1115. 

McAuley, J. D., Stevens, C. J., and Humphreys, M. S. (2004). Play it again: The role of stimulus familiarity in memory for music. Acta Psychologica, 116, pp. 93-108.

McAuley, J. D., Miller, J. P., and Pang, K. C. H. (2004).  Age-related changes in the spontaneous motor rhythms of the senescence accelerated mouse (SAMP8).  Experimental Aging Research, 30, pp. 113 – 127.

Pang, K. C. H., Miller, J. P., and McAuley, J. D. (2004). Circadian rhythms in SAMP8: A longitudinal study of the effects of age and experience.  Neurobiology of Aging, 25, pp. 111 – 123.

McAuley, J. D. and Jones, M. R. (2003). Modeling effects of rhythmic context on perceived duration: A comparison of interval and entrainment approaches to short-interval timing. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 29, pp. 1102-1125.

Pang, K. C. H., and McAuley, J. D. (2003).  Importance of frontal motor cortex in divided attention and simultaneous temporal processing. In Functional and Neural Mechanisms of Interval Timing, Meck, W. H., Editor, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL., pp. 351 – 369.

McAuley, J. D., Miller, J. P., Beck, E., Nagy, Z. M., and Pang, K. C. H. (2002).  Age-related disruptions in circadian timing: Evidence for “split” activity rhythms in the SAMP8.  Neurobiology of Aging, 23, pp. 625 – 632.

McAuley, J. D., and Semple, P. (1999).   The effect of tempo and musical experience on perceived beat.  Australian Journal of Psychology, 51 (3), pp. 176-187.

McAuley, J. D., and Kidd, G. R. (1998).  Effect of deviations from temporal expectation on tempo discrimination of isochronous tone sequences.  Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. 24 (6), pp 1786-1800.

Port, R., Cummins, F., and McAuley, J. D. (1995).  Naive time, temporal patterns, and human audition.  In Robert Port and Tim van Geldar, editors, Mind as Motion: Explorations in the Dynamics of Cognition.  Bradford Books/MIT Press, pp. 339-371.

McAuley, J. D., and Stampfli, J. (1994).  Analysis of the effect of noise on a model for the neural mechanism of short-term active memory.  Neural Computation 6, pp. 666-678.


Courses Taught:

Undergraduate Courses

  • Psych 270: Quantitative Methods I
  • Psych 290: Research Methods
  • Psych 302: Introduction to Cognitive Science
  • Psych 381: Sensation and Perception
  • Psych 440: Neural Computation
  • Psych 440: Psychology of Space and Time

Graduate Courses

  • Psych 580: Psychology of Space and Time
  • Psych 668: Analysis of Variance
  • Psych 712: Cognitive Psychology
  • Psych 717: Sensation and Perception
  • Psych 734: Cognitive Development
  • Psych 780: Circular Statistics
  • Psych 780: Psychological Approaches to Tempo and Rhythm
  • Psych 780: Timing and Development