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(updated December 19, 2006)

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A. About Kit C. Chan

Office: 415 MSC

Voice-mail: (419) 372-7468

Curriculum Vita

B. Courses Taught at BGSU

Undergraduate Courses

  • MATH 128 Precalculus
  • MATH 131 Calculus and Analytic Geometry
  • MATH 134 Calculus and Analytic Geometry
  • MATH 222 Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 322 Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 434 Vector Calculus
  • MATH 465 Introduction to Real Analysis
  • MATH 466 Introduction to Real Analysis II
  • Graduate Courses

  • MATH 661 Complex Analysis I
  • MATH 665 Real Analysis I
  • MATH 666 Real Analysis II
  • MATH 680 Inequalities
  • MATH 680 Fourier Series
  • MATH 680 Operator Theory
  • MATH 680 Riemann Surfaces
  • MATH 680 Weak Topologies I
  • MATH 680 Weak Topologies II
  • MATH 762 Complex Analysis II
  • MATH 765 Abstract Measure Theory
  • MATH 766 Functional Analysis  
  • C. Professional Associations

    American Mathematical Society

    Mathematics Association of America

    D. Mathematics Research

    American Journal of Mathematics

    AMS Mathematics Journals on the Web

    C* News

    Journal of Functional Analysis

    Journal of Operator Theory

    Journal of Integral Equations and Applications

    Journal of Approximation Theory

    Mathematics Archives

    Mathematics Metasite

    Pacific Journal of Mathematics

    Mathematics On-line Bookshelf 

    E. Research Tools

    American Heritage Dictionary


    Britannica Online

    Internet Guide

    Online Grammar Reference

    Web Search Engines

    F. Mathematics Research Institutes

    Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS)

    Centre de Recherches Mathematiques (CRM)

    Fields Institute

    Geometry Center

    Institute for Advanced Study

    Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications

    Mathematical Sciences Research Institute

    G. Stress Busters

    Hubble Space Telescope

    Math Quote

    Science Jokes Archive