Ohio Association of Track and Cross Country Coaches








Tri-State Meet 1974               Tri-State Meet 1976               Midwest Meet 1984               Midwest Meet 1984

Ohio                        153      Ohio                      157.5      Boys Team Score                  Girls Team Score-

Indiana                     139      Michigan                  149      Ohio                        174      Ohio                          70

Mihigan                    134      Indiana                   141.5      Michigan                  118      Michigan                    68

                                                                                    Illinois                       86      Illinois                       59

                                                                                    Indiana                       79      Indiana                       56


Midwest Meet 1986               Midwest Meet 1987               Midwest Meet 1988               Midwest Meet 1988

Boys Team Scores                 Girls Team Scores                 Boys Team Scores                 Girls Team Scores

Ohio                        142      Ohio                        140      Ohio                        149      Ohio                      173.5

Illinois                     114      Illinois                     100      Indiana                     132      Illinois                       99

Indiana                     103      Indiana                       98      Michigan                  105      Michigan                    84

Michigan                    98      Michigan                    88      Illinois                       71      Indiana                    68.5


Midwest Meet 1990               Midwest Meet 1990               Midwest Meet 1991               Midwest Meet 1991

Boys Team Scores                 Girls Team Scores                 Did Not Participate                Did Not Participate

Ohio                        137      Ohio                      180.5

Illinois                   124.5      Michigan                  137

Indiana                   106.5      Indiana                    76.5

Michigan                    86      Illinois                       34


Midwest Meet 1992               Midwest Meet 1993               Midwest Meet 1993               Midwest Meet 1994

Boys Team Scores                 Boys Team Scores                 Girls Team Scores-                Girls Team Scores-

Ohio                      144.5      Ohio                      154.4      Ohio                        186      Ohio                        153

Michigan                  108      Michigan                141.4      Michigan                  118      Michigan                  107

Illinois                     105      Indiana                    84.8      Illinois                       67      Indiana                       98

Indiana                    99.5      Illinois                    75.4      Indiana                       55      Illinois                       68


Midwest Meet 1995               Midwest Meet 1995               Midwest Meet 1997               Midwest Meet 1999

Boys Team Scores-                Girls Team Scores-                Boys Team Scores-                Boys Team Scores-

Ohio                        210      Ohio                        189      Ohio                        212      Ohio                        198

Michigan                  155      Michigan                  135      Michigan                  137      Michigan              130.67

Indiana                       94      Indiana                     100      Indiana                       97      Indiana                   99.33

                                                                                    West Virginia                8      West Virginia                      28


Midwest Meet 2000               Midwest Meet 2001               Midwest Meet 2001               Midwest Meet 2002

Boys Team Scores-                Boys Team Scores-                Girls Team Scores-                Boys Team Scores

Ohio                        198      Ohio                        155      Ohio                        170      Ohio                        180

Michigan                  130      Michigan                  144      Michigan                  170      Michigan                  154

Indiana                     104      Indiana                     119      Indiana                       78      Indiana                     123

West Virginia              25      West Virginia                8      West Virginia                8



Individual Champions 1974

Discus-                        Stan Johnson                 Sandusky                             170'- 7.00"

Shot Put-                     Stan Johnson                 Sandusky                               58'- 3.00"

440 Yd. Relay               Terry Carter                   Mansfield Malabar

                                  Robert Hennings            Cleveland Collinwood                          

                                  Dan Harris                    Youngstown East

                                  Willie Rodgers              Columbus Mohawk                        41.8

100 Yd. Dash-               Robert Hennings            Cleveland Collinwood                      9.6

440 Yd. Dash-               Jack Taylor                   Canton McKinley                           48.4

180 Yd. L Hurdles-        Robert Hennings            Cleveland Collinwood                     19.0

                                  Stan Johnson               Field Star of Stars



Individual Champions 1975

Discus-                        Steve James                  Cortland Lakeview                 191'- 9.00"

Pole Vault-                   Les West                      Dayton Wayne Twp.               15' 00.00"

2 Mile Run-                  Pete Kummant               Amherst Steele                            9:10.4

Mile Run-                    Kevin Ryan                   Cleveland St. Joseph                    4:15.2     

                                  Steve James                  Field Star of Stars                              



Individual Champions 1976

Pole Vault-                   Rodger Gilders              Albany Alexander                    14'- 9.00"

440 Yd. Relay-              Ed Brown                     Columbus Mifflin

                                  Dennis Mosley              Youngstown Rayen

                                  Oscar Singer                  Col. Linden McKinley                         

                                  Jeff Phillips                  Whitehall                                      41.6

120 Yd. H. Hurdles-       Wayne Mason                Columbus Mifflin                          13.6

880 Yd. Run-                John Anich                   Akron Hoban                              1:51.0

100 Yd. Dash-               Jeff Phillips                  Whitehall                                        9.4

220 Yd. Dash-               Jeff Phillips                  Whitehall                                      21.1

180 Yd. L. Hurdles-       Wayne Mason                Columbus Mifflin                          18.9

                                  Jeff Phillips                 Track Star of Stars



Individual Champions 1977

120 H. Hurdles-             Mike Austin                  Columbus West                             13.7

440 Yd. Dash-               Mark Mattison               Dayton Jefferson Twp.                     48.9

180 Yd. L. Hurdles        Mike Austin                  Columbus West                             19.1


Individual Champions 1978

Long Jump-                  Jeff Roberson                Cincinnati Colerain Twp.         23'- 2.00"

330 L. Hurdles-             Jeff Brown                    Fremont Ross                                37.1

Mile Relay-                  Scott Rider                   Hilliard

                                  Tim Tripp                     Dayton Jefferson                                  

                                  Gary Williams               Wilmington                                        

                                  Darrell Sargent               Ashtabula Harbor                         3:14.1



Individual Champions 1979

Boys Long Jump-          Steve Fink                    Massillon Perry Twp.              23'- 4.75"

Boys Pole Vault-           Chris Mand                   Dublin                                  15'- 4.00"

Boys 440 Yd. Relay       Byron Harris                 Dayton Roth

                                  Mike Mayfield               Dayton Jefferson Twp.                          

                                  Darryl Curry                  Akron Garfield                                    

                                  Greg Beasley                 Akron North                                  42.0

Boys Mile Relay-          Len Scruggs                  Cleveland Glenville                             

                                  Earl Hoppings               Toledo Libbey                                    

                                  Larry Floyd                   Shaker Heights                                    

                                  Marshall Sanders            Columbus Mifflin                        3:16.9

Girls Mile Run-             Shannon Cline               Upper Arlington                          5:04.3     

                                  Steve Fink                   Field Star of Stars



Individual Champions 1980

Boys High Jump-          Jeff  Ross                     West Chester Lakota                 6'-10.00"

Boys 3200 m Run-        Ricky Pittman               Cleveland East Tech.                  8:59.18

Boys 400 m Relay-        Marty Freeman              Cleveland John Adams                         

                                  Doug Sims                   Youngstown Rayen

                                  Mike Boyd                   Troy

                                  Eurall Graham               Cleveland Collinwood                   42.06

Boys 110 m H. Hurdles- Arnold Scherger             Kansas  Lakota                             13.90

Boys 1600 m Run-        Mike Hallabrin              Mansfield Malabar                      4:10.31     



Individual Champions 1981

Boys Long Jump-          Terry Holt                     Columbus Brookhaven             23'- 0.50"

Girls 1600 m Relay-       Karen Griggs                 Girard

                                  Sharon Vincent              St. Clairsville

                                  Ladeidra Ballard             Maple Heights

                                  Vickie Hearn                 Columbus South                        3:49.73



Individual Champions 1982

Boys Discus-                Kevin Kline              Columbus West                          181' 3.00"

Boys Shot Put-             Dave Bzovi                   Wauseon                                58'- 3.25"

Girls 1600 m Relay-       Selina Christian             Zanesville                                          

                                  Marlene Flanagan           Cleveland John Adams

                                  Andraide Whitlow          Columbus East

                                  Janet Baughman             North Canton Hoover                  3:44.96


Individual Champions 1983

Boys Discus-                Reggie Scott                 Akron Buchtel                      178'- 5.00"

Boys 1600 m Run-        Andy Wiese                  Chagrin Falls                              4:14.4

Girls High Jump-           Shelly Jorgenson            New Lexington                         5'- 8.00"

Girls 800 m Run-          Theresa Dunn                Springfield Catholic                     2:12.6



Individual Champions 1984                              

Boys Discus-                Rich Zuckowski             Chesterland W. Geagua           176'- 2.00"

Boys Shot Put-             Pat Weigle                    Medina Buckeye Twp.             60'- 7.75"

Boys High Jump-          Raynard Grover              Dayton Jefferson Twp.               7'- 0.00"

Boys 800 m Run-          Mike Huber                   Cleveland St. Ignatius                 1:56.16

Boys 400 m Dash-         Harold Maddox              Cleveland John Adams                  47.56

Boys 1600 m Run-        Rollie Hudson               Cleveland Heights                      4:19.41

Boys 3200 m Relay-      Tor Hill                        Steubenville                                       

                                  Tony Solis                    Garfield Heights Trinity

                                  Jamie Murphy               Akron Firestone

                                  Peter Shoates                 Akron Buchtel                           7:41.46

Boys 1600 m Relay-      Leroy Williams              Greenhills                                          

                                  Jeff Reynolds                Akron Hoban                                      

                                  Matt Butler                   Toledo Rogers

                                  Harold Maddox              Cleveland John Adams                3:12.42

Girls 400 m Relay-        Cassandra Eggleston       Columbus Brookhaven                         

                                  Anna Larkin                  Toledo Scott

                                  Zena Vaughn                 Columbus Mifflin

                                  Tamara Stokes               Clev. Hts. Beaumont                      46.8

Girls 100 m Hurdles-      Karen Robinson             Dayton Patterson                          13.94

                                  Rich Zuckowski           Field Star of Stars



Individual Champions 1985

Girls Discus-                 Melissa Archibald          Toledo Whitmer                    138'- 3.00"

Girls High Jump            Allison Brewton            Worthington                            5'- 7.00"

Boys 400 m Relay         Robert Boykin               Dayton Patterson

                                  Darin Degraffinreid         Columbus Eastmoor

                                  Ron Davis                    Toledo Rogers

                                  Dale Burrage                 Dayton Patterson                          41.05



Individual Champions 1986

Girls 1600 m Relay-       Sonya Smiley                Cleveland John hay

                                  Missy Lardie                 Clev. Villa Angela Academy

                                  Jeanette Hiti                  Mentor Lake Catholic

                                  Jennifer Hyland              Hannibal River                          3:50.02

Boys 1600 m Relay-      Voren Hughes                Leavittsburg LaBrea

                                  Jeff Mason                    Cleveland John Adams

                                  Kevin Scott                   Lima Senior

                                  Benford Clay                 Dayton Patterson                        3:12.08

Boys 400 m Dash-         Benford Clay                 Dayton Patterson                          47.36

Boys 800 m Run-          Bryan Reed                   Cleveland Benedictine                 1:54.78

Boys 1600 m Run-        Mark Croghan               Greensburg Green                       4:12.43

Girls 400 m Dash-         Jennifer Hyland              Hannibal River                             56.36

Girls High Jump-           Peggy Odita                  Upper Arlington                       6'- 1.00"

                                  Peggy Odita                 Field Star of Stars

                                  Benford Clay               Track Star of Stars



Individual Champions 1987

Girls 100 m Hurdles-      Terry Robinson              Columbus Northland                     13.78

Girls 200 m Dash-         Collette Ellison             Toledo Macomber-Whitney             24.11

Girls 300 m Hurdles-      Vickey Smith                Dayton Patterson                          43,14

Girls 3200 m Run-         Chris Nichols                Marysville                               10:58.62

Boys 3200 m Run-        Joe McKown                 Kansas Lakota                           9:10.37

Boys High Jump-          Mark Cannon                Elyria                                     7'- 0.00"



Individual Champions 1988                               Summit Station

Girls 400 m Relay-        Charlette Horton            Licking Heights                                  

                                  Tyra Carson                  Kettering Alter

                                  Traci Day                      Dublin

                                  Latrice Joyner                Toledo Scott                                47.13

Girls 100 m Dash-         Latrice Joyner                Toledo Scott                                11.78

Girls 200 m Dash-         Latrice Joyner                Toledo Scott                                23.88

Boys 400 m Relay-        Clinton Davis                Cincy. Forest Park

                                  Tony Lee                      Dayton Jefferson Twp.

                                  Duaine Ladejo               Medina                                              

                                  Chris Brown                 Toledo DeVillbis                            40.0

Boys Long Jump-          Ron Pullie                    Wellsville                               24' 1.00"

Boys 400 m Dash-         Rod Moore                   Elyria                                         46.98

Girls 400 m Dash-         Lillian Saez                   Lorain                                         55.83

Girls 300 m Hurdles-      Tyra Carson                  Kettering Alter                             43.64

Boys 300 m Hurdles-     Micah Beachler              Centerville                                   36.92

Girls 1600 m Run-         Laurie Gomez                Young. Boardman Twp.             4:50. 78

Boys 1600 m Run-        Ritchie Shephard            Milford                                    4:16.16

Girls 3200 m Run-         Kim Halucsak                Olmsted Falls                          10:38.71

Boys 3200 m Relay-      Corey Richardson           Trotwood-Madison                              

                                  Jason Hauer                   Mt. Healthy

                                  Jehvon Buckner             Akron Buchtel

                                  Derrick Wilson              Piqua                                       7:36.68

Girls 1600 m Relay-       Felicia West                  Steubenville                                       

                                  Tricia Yates                   Centerville

                                  Carrie Yates                  Centerville

                                  Lillian Saez                   Lorain                                      3:48.97

Boys 1600 m Relay-      Derrick Robinson           Dayton Meadowdale

                                  Tim Morrison                Akron Buchtel

                                  Nick Perry                    Shaker Heights

                                  Rod Moore                   Elyria                                       3:11.21

                                  Latrice Joyner              Track Star of Stars



Individual Champions 1989

Girls 100 m Hurdles-      Yolanda Dorsey             Huber Heights Wayne                    14.19

Boys 100 m Dash-         Marcus Bennett              Cleveland John Adams                  10.89

Boys 300 m Hurdles-     Hassan Bailey                Gahanna Lincoln                           36.33

Boys Discus-                Guy Decker                   Olmsted Falls                       170'- 2.00"

Girls High Jump-           Susan Culler                 Ashland                                   5' 7.00"

                                  Hassan Bailey              Track Star of Stars



Individual Champions 1990

Girls 100 m Hurdles-      Amy Petersime              Greenville                                    13.92

Boys 110 m Hurdles-     Chris Nelloms               Dayton Dunbar                             13.73

Boys 100 m Dash-         Mario Allmon               Cincinnati Princton Twp.               10.38

Girls 1600 m Run-         Chris Szabo                  Worthington                              5:04.41

Girls 300 m Hurdles-      Lori Jerman                   Solon                                         43.80

Boys 300 m Hurldles-    Marco Morgan               Youngstown Chaney                     36.25

Girls 200 m Dash-         Nichole Green                Springfield South                         24.00

Boys 200 m Dash-         Chris Nelloms               Dayton Dunbar                             20.36

Girls 3200 m Run-         Monica McHenry           Cleveland Hts. Beaumont          10:59.58

Girls Shot Put-              Tia Burns                     Wash. CH Miami Trace            42'- 4.50"

Girls Discus-                 Tami Moser                  Bryan                                  143' -9.00"

Boys Long Jump-          Anthony Fullum            Copley                                24'- 10.25"     

Girls Long Jump-          Janet Mars                    Toledo Whitmer Twp.              19'- 1.00"

Boys 400 m Relay-        Mario Allmon               Cincinnati Princeton Twp.

                                  Destry Austin                Warren Howland Twp.

                                  Aki Bradley                  Cleveland East Tech

                                  Chris Nelloms               Dayton Dunbar                             40.05

Girls 1600 m Relay-       Richelle Webb               Cleveland Hts. Beaumont                     

                                  Nichole Green                Springfield South

                                  Ebonita Williams           Cleveland Hts. Beaumont                     

                                  Nancy Hackett               Cleveland Hts. Beaumont            3:53.53


Boys 1600 m Relay-      Duane Moore                 Dayton Dunbar

                                  Greg Carley                   Cleveland Collinwood

                                  Aki Bradley                  Cleveland East Tech

                                  Chris Nelloms               Dayton Dunbar                          3:10.70

                                  Janet Mars                   Field Star of Stars

                                  Chris Nelloms              Track Star of Stars



Individual Champions 1992

Boys 3200 m Relay-      Jason Williams              Cincinnati Princeton Twp.

                                  John Bliffin                  Conneaut

                                  Mike Stechshulte           Bluffton

                                  Jeff Hojnacki                 Solon                                       7:37.96

Boys 110 m Hurdles-     Trenton Bullock             Austintown Fitch                          14.33

Boys 1600 m Run-        Jason Wertz                   Canfield                                   4:14.54

Boys 800 m Run-          Jason Williams              Cincinnati Princeton Twp.           1:55.62

Boys 200 m Dash-         Lamont Skipper             Trotwood-Madison                        21.56

Boys 1600 m Relay-      Mike Fambro                Columbus South                                 

                                  Dajuan Banks                Cleveland East

                                  Walter Jackson               Columbus South

                                  Ty King                       Columbus West                         3:13.77

Boys High Jump-          Rudy Currie                  Lakewood St. Edwards              7'- 0.75"

Boys Pole Vault-           Jeff Dempsey                 Dublin                                  15'- 0.00"     

Girls Shot Put-              Tammy McCallum         Milford                                 45'- 9.00"

Girls Discus-                 Katie Smith                  Logan                                  153'- 9.00"

Girls High Jump-           Monika Black                Upper Arlington                       5'- 9.00"

Girls Long Jump-          Erica Knicely                 Hudson                                 17'- 8.00"

                                  Katie Smith                 Field Star of Stars

                                  Rudy Currie                Field Star of Stars



Individual Champions 1993

Girls 100 m Hurdles       Latonya Hill                  Akron Central Hower                     14.90

Girls 100 m Dash          Passion Richardson        Berea                                          11.90

Girls 200 m Dash          Passion Richardson        Berea                                          24.83

Girls 800 m Run           Carolyn Long                Middletown Fenwick                  2:16.98

Girls 1600 m Run          Nancy Hood                  Wor. Thomas Worthington          5:00.87

Girls 3200 m Run          Emily Hood                  Wor. Thomas Worthington         10:49.49

Girls 400 m Relay         Passion Richardson        Berea                                                 

                                  Tanya Cole                   Brunswick

                                  Katonya Harding            Cleveland Rhodes

                                  Latonya Hill                  Akron Central Hower                     47.82

Girls 1600 m Relay        Meka Rembert               Cleveland Heights                               

                                  Lisa Livingston             Akron Buchtel

                                  Ann Eschenhaver            Richfield Revere

                                  Beth Parkins                 Elmore Woodmore                     3:50.42


Girls 3200 m Relay        Kelly Rinker                 Upper Arlington                                  

                                  Leah Copeland               Gahanna Lincoln                                 

                                  Carolyn Long                Middletown Fenwick

                                  Gina Kline                    Beavercreek                               9:17.78

Girls High Jump            Megan Ross                  Bexley                                   5' 07.00"

Girls Long Jump           Mieke Stekelenburg        Medina                                     18' 01"

Boys 100 m Dash          Jonathan Burrell             Cleveland John Marshall                10.60

Boys 200 m Dash          Jonathan Burrell             Cleveland John Marshall                21.34

Boys 3200 m Run         Jeremy White                Dublin                                     9:10.80

Boys 400 m Relay         Dorian Green                 Cleveland John Marshall

                                  Keith Golphin               Cleveland John Marshall

                                  Jonathon Burrell            Cleveland John Marshall                41.50

                                  Damon Reed                 Akron Buchtel

Boys Pole Vault            Travis Downey              Tontogony Otsego                  15' 06.00"

Boys Discus                 Tom Smith                   Logan                                 173' 06.00"

                                  Passion Richardson      Track Star of Stars

                                  Jonathan Burrell          Track Star of Stars



Individual Champions 1994

Girls 100 m Hurdles       Carmen Banks               Cleveland John Adams                  13.90

Girls 100 m Dash          Anissa Campbell            Ironton                                        11.81

Girls 200 m Dash          Carmen Banks               Cleveland John Adams                  24.76

Girls 300 m Hurdles       Arnika Edwards             Mt. Healthy                                 42.21

Girls 400 m Relay         Carmen Banks               Cleveland John Adams                         

                                  Regina Thomas              Chillicothe Unioto Twp.

                                  Brandi Colley                Lucasville Valley

                                  Anissa Campbell            Ironton                                        47.80

Girls Long Jump           Nekaya Ralls                 Mt. Healthy                              19'  11"

Girls Shot                    Becky Ball                    Lakeside Danbury                       46' 06"

Boys 800 m Run           Damion Samuels            Dayton Colonel White                1:53.05

Boys 3200 m Run         Doug Bockenstette         Cincinnati LaSalle                      9:03.25

Boys Long Jump           Hysuan Staples              Columbus Brookhaven                24' - 4"

                                  Arnika Edwards          Track Star of Stars

                                  Becky Ball                   Field Star of Stars

                                  Nekaya Ralls                Field Star of Stars

                                  Hysuan Staples            Field Star of Stars



Individual Champions 1995

Girls 100 m Dash          Donielle Twitty             Dayton Dunbar                             11.78

Girls 400 m Dash          Roshell Russell             Cleveland John Marshall                55.41

Girls 800 m Run           Biffany Casto                Fredericktown                            2:18.37     

Girls 1600 m Run          Alyson Butterfield          Thomas Worthington                  5:03.21

Girls 400 m Relay         Donielle Twitty             Dayton Dunbar                             47.58

                                  Terry Jones                   Middletown                                        

                                  Maria Moss                   Springfield North                                      

                                  Ericka King                   Cincinnati Northwest

Girls 1600 m Relay        Kamilya Davis               Springfield North                       3:50.15

                                  Maria Moss                   Springfield North

                                  Rachel Parrish               Youngstown Chaney                            

                                  Roshell Russell             Cleveland John Marshall

Girls High Jump            Kellie Saxen                  Canton Central Catholic            5' 07.00"

Girls Discus                  Roberta Collins             Sandusky                                 158' 04"

Boys 100 m Dash          James Estrada                Fostoria                                      10.80

Boys 200 m Dash          James Estrada                Fostoria                                      21.20

Boys 1600 m Run         Brad Mills                    Oregon Clay                              4:22.47

Boys 400 m Relay         Lacharles Smith             Toledo Whitmer Twp.                   41.58

                                  James Estrada                Fostoria

                                  Will Suddeth                 Cleveland Heights

                                  Reggie Anderson            Dayton Meadowdale

Boys Pole Vault            Bryan Lewe                   Springfield Northwestern         16' 00.00"

Boys Long Jump           Joe Crallie                    Magnolia Sandy Valley           24' 05.00"

Boys Shot                    Rex Pyles                     Wheelersburg                         57' 10.75"

Boys Discus                 Larry Wilson                 Gates Mills Hawken              185' 09.00"

                                  Roberta Collins            Field Star of Stars

                                  Donielle Twitty             Track Star of Stars

                                  Bryan Lewe                 Field Star of Stars

                                  James Estrada              Track Star of Stars



Individual Champions 1996

Girls 300 m Hurdles       Amanda Helberg            Centerville                                   43.22

Girls 1600 m Relay        Candace Nicholson         Cleve. Hts. Beaumont                          

                                  Najah McFarland            Cleve. Heights                                    

                                  Joslyn Smith                 Akron Central Hower                           

                                  Kathy Kakis                  Col. School for Girls                  3:52.51

Boys 200 m Dash          Kenny Quinn                 Columbus Brookhaven                  21.90

Boys 3200 m Run         Chad Kincaid                Norwood                                  9:18.50

Boys 110 m Hurdles      Lamarr Hill                   Dayton Christian                          14.44

Boys 300 m Hurdles      Rusty Fry                     Hannibal River                             37.67

Boys 1600 m Relay       Levar Julian                  Cleveland South                                  

                                  John Henkelman            Findlay                                              

                                  Quincey Davidson          Campbell Memorial

                                  Kenny Quinn                 Columbus Brookhaven                3:15.86

Boys High Jump           Nick Decker                  Mentor                                     7' 0.00"

                                  Kenny Quinn              Track Star of Stars


Individual Champions 1997

Boys 110 m Hurdles      Marc Tipton                  Niles McKinley                            14.01

Girls 1600 m                Christine Thompson       Amherst Steele                          5:03.07

Boys 1600m                 Josh Mears                    Kettering Alter                           4:16.48

Boys 400 m Relay         Leshaunte Edwards         Cleveland Rhodes

                                  Antwaion Robinson        Columbus South                                 

                                  Chad Bullet                  Champion                                          

                                  Demario Suggs              Geneva                                        41.25     

Girls 300m Hurdles        Angela Craft                  Columbus Northland                       41.9

Boys 300m Hurdles       Marc Tipton                  Niles McKinley                              37.2

Boys 800 m                  Tirrel Sturdivant            Toledo Central Catholic              1:55.89

Boys 200m                   Bobby Cruse                 Leavittsburg Labrae                       21.03

Girls 1600m Relay         Angela Craft                  Columbus Northland                            

                                  Linise Gordon               Cincinnati Seven Hills

                                  Danielle Spurlock           Cincinnati Princeton

                                  Stephanie Volpe             North Canton Hoover                  3:49.91

Boys 1600m Relay        Chris Chambers             Bedford

                                  Aaron Fenzel                 Grafton Midview

                                  Jon Heflin                     Kent Roosevelt

                                  Andrew Pierce               Yellow Springs                          3:10.11

Girls Discus                  Beth Weyer                   Sandusky St. Marys                     149'2"

Boys Discus                  Robert Frazier               Canton McKinley                        179'7"

Boys Long Jump           Joe Allen                      Toledo Rogers                          22'9.25"

Boys Shot Put               Chris Knaack                Bay Village Bay                          59'10"


                                   Beth Weyer                  Field Star of Stars

                                   Marc Tipton                Track Star of Stars



Individual Champions 1998

Girls 100 m Dash          Charlyn Ray                  Hilliard Davidson                         12.08

Girls 400 m Run           Shatreetia Jones             Cleveland Heights                         56.68     

Girls 100 m Hurdles       Tequila Huntley             Toledo Rogers                              14.47

Girls 400 m Relay         Kim Houston                Dayton Meadowdale                      47.45

                                  Autumn Smith              Cincinnati Walnut Hills                        

                                  Deanna Norflee              Trotwood-Madison                                    

                                  Angela Jackson              Dayton Meadowdale

Girls 3200 m Relay        Angie Kist                    Cincinnati Colerain                    9:15.80

                                  Kelly Cothern                Anthony Wayne

                                  Tricia Gasser                 Worthington Thomas Worthington         

                                  Anna Shearer                 Athens

Boys 400 m Run           Zerian Peterson              Lima Senior                                 48.51

Boys 800 m Run           Kell Heegard                 Dublin Coffman                         1:52.69

Boys 300 m Hurdles      Bryan Blockson             Cleveland Heights                         38.39

Boys 400 m Relay         Ricco Oglesby               Columbus South                          41.81

                                  Torey Washington          Trotwood-Madison

                                  Kyle Mueller                 Westlake

                                  Andrew Jones                Akron Firestone



Individual Champions 1999

Girls 100 m Dash          Mousha Robinson          Columbus Brookhaven                  12.03

Girls 200 m Dash          Lucretia Corbin              Urbana                                        25.15

Girls 400 m Run           Mousha Robinson          Columbus Brookhaven                  55.60

Girls 3200 m Run          Marni Kruppa                Dublin Coffman                       10:51.05

Boys 100 m Dash          Joseph Ross                  Cambridge                                   10.84

Boys 200 m Dash          Joseph Ross                  Cambridge                                   21.40

Boys 400 m Run           Willie Davis, Jr.            East Cleveland Shaw                     47.91

Boys 800 m Run           Ed Stonestreet               McDonald                                 1:55.52

Boys 1600 m Run         Josh McAdams              Brecksville                                4:15.39

Boys 3200 m Run         Brian Godsey                West Chester Lakota East            9:15.88

Boys 400 m Relay         Sherron Peacock             Toledo Scott                                41.80

                                  Anthony Edginton          Bellevue

                                  David Mentlow              Kent Roosevelt

                                  Joseph Ross                  Cambridge

Boys 1600 m Relay       Jay Johnson                  Shadyside                                 3:17.17

                                  Hank Harris                   Cleveland Heights

                                  Rich Alexander              Sandusky

                                  Willie Davis, Jr.            East Cleveland Shaw

Boys 3200 m Relay       Rod Simpson                Lima Sr.                                   7:39.78

                                  Nate Hutchinson            Mogadore Field Twp.

                                  Ed Stonestreet               McDonald

                                  Eric Cliffel                    Dublin Scioto

BoysDiscus                  Corey Echelberry            Fostoria                                     188'9"

                                  Joe Ross                      Track Star of Stars

                                  Corey Eichelberry         Field Star of Stars


Individual Champions 2000

Girls 400 m Run           Teresa Fierson               Cleve. Heights Beaumont               56.39

Girls 800 m Run           Brooke Patterson            Lancaster                                  2:16.90

Girls 100 Hurdles          Dalanda Jackson             Shaker Heights                             13.78

Girls 300 Hurdles          Dalanda Jackson             Shaker Heights                             41.22

Girls 3200 m Relay        Caitlin Phillips              Rocky River Magnificat              9:16.38

                                  Erin Anderson               Kent Roosevelt

                                  Kelly Greene                 Burton Berkshire

                                  Treniere Clement            Stow

Girls Shot                    Melissa Bickett              Richfield Revere                       45'113/4"

Boys 100 m Dash          Matt Carter                   Copley                                        11.05

Boys 200 m Dash          Matt Carter                   Copley                                        21.83

Boys400 m Run            Jak Taylor                     Canton McKinley                         47.70

Boys 1600 m Run         Abdi Adam                   Toledo Rogers                           4:17.40

Boys 3200 m Run         Andy Smith                  Hudson                                    9:15.75

Boys 110 Hurdles          Joe Pikor                      Madison                                      14.09

Boys 400 m Relay         Billy Mills                   Copley                                        41.72

                                  Dwight Smith               Dayton Chaminade-Julienne

                                  George Evans                Boardman

                                  Matt Carter                   Copley

Boys 1600 m Relay       Jeremy Roberts              Toledo Whitmer Twp.                 3:15.05

                                  Tyler Kemmerer             Lancaster

                                  Joe Pikor                      Madison

                                  Jak Taylor                     Canton McKinley

Boys High Jump           Dean Coticchia              Olmsted Falls                              7' 00"

Boys Long Jump           Billy Mills                   Copley                                       23'01"

Boys Shot                    Jamal Salahuddin           Lyndhurst Brush                      61' 073/4"

                                  Matt Carter                  Track Star of Stars

                                  Dalanda Jackson          Track Star of Stars

                                  Melissa Bickett             Field Star of Stars



Individual Champions 2001

Girls 100 m Dash          Fallon Baily                  Freemont Ross                             12.15

Girls 200 m Dash          Kandace Stone               Cleveland Collinwood                   24.24

Girls 800 m Run           Theresa Feldkamp          Amherst Steele                          2:11.31

Girls 100 Hurdles          Kandace Stone               Cleveland Collinwood                   13.70

Girls 400 m Relay         Christina Christian         Cleveland Collinwood                   46.82

                                  Mignon Banks               Cleveland Collinwood

                                  Crystal Chrisitian           Cleveland Collinwood

                                  Kandace Stone               Cleveland Collinwood

Girls 3200 m Relay        Theresa Feldkamp          Amherst Steele                          9:11.44

                                  Jackie Fejes                   Parma Holy Name

                                  Jenny Fascione              North Royalton

                                  Jeanna Fascione             North Royalton

Boys 100 m Dash          Kendall Stevens             Lima SR                                     10.60

Boys 400 m Run           Maurice Shelby              Lima Shawnee Twp.                      47.98

Boys 100 Hurdles          Derrick Williams            North Canton Glen Oak                 13.91

Boys 300 Hurdles          Derrick Williams            North Canton Glen Oak                   36.1

Boys 400 m Relay         Kendall Stevens             Lima SR                                     41.75

                                  John Biacofsky              Willoughby South

                                  Chris Friebel                 Shelby

                                  Chris Thompson            Pepper Pike Orange

Boys 1600 m Relay       John Kelly                    Worth. Thomas Worthington        3:11.07

                                  Derrick Williams            North Canton Glen Oak

                                  Papis Joh                      Cleveland Benedictine

                                  Marc Sylvester               Cleveland St. Ignatius

Boys 3200 m Relay       Brandon Rauguth           North Canton Hover                   7:32.79

                                  Papis Joh                      Cleveland Benedictine

                                  Dave Molina                 Cleveland St. Ignatius

                                  Marc Sylvester               Cleveland St. Ignatius

Boys Long Jump           Thomas Pannell             Columbus West                            23'4"

                                  Kandace Stone             Track Star of Stars

                                  Derrick Williams          Track Star of Stars


Individual Champions 2002

Girls 400 m Run           Aileen Taylor                Twinsburg                                   56.74

Girls 3200 m Run          Angela Homan               Spencerville                              10:56.0

Girls Discus                  Christen Clemson          Cortland Maplewood                    145'3"

Girls High Jump            Tiffany Colvin               Cleveland Rhodes                           5'8"

Boys 110 Hurdles          Andre English               Dayton Meadowdale                      13.96

Boys 300 Hurdles          Jason Hodges                Huber Heights Wayne                    37.86

Boys 1600 m Run         Allen Bader                   Cincinnati Lasalle                      4:15.35

Boys 400 m Relay         Carlos Alexander            Akron Buchtel                              41.25

                                  Marcus Slayton              Cleveland Benedictine

                                  Andre English               Dayton Meadowdale

                                  John Bowie                   Columbus, Northland

Boys 1600 m Relay       Jason Hodges                Huber Heights Wayne                 3:14.08

                                  Donnie Young               Archibold

                                  Terrance Ware                Euclid

                                  Anthony Murray            Cleveland Kennedy

Boys Long Jump           Kyle Keller                   Thornville Sheridan                       23'2"

                                  Andre English             Track Star of Stars






               Head Coordinator          Assistants

1974        Marv Crosten                  Art Hendricks, Jim Wright

1975        Jim Wright                     Marv Crosten, Art Hendricks

1976        Jim Wright                     Marv Crosten, Art Hendricks, Bob Renaux

1977        Bob Renaux                   Lou Carozza, Marv Crosten, Herb Hartman, Art Hendricks

1978        Herb Hartman                 Tom Beck, Bob Cline, Dick Cooley, Craig Wallace

1979        Herb Hartman                 Katie Horstman, Tom Beck, Bob Cline, Dick Cooley, Vince Taylor

1980        Dick Cooley                   Katie Horstman, Bob Cline, Bob Hamm, Frank Jancura, Craig Wallace

1981        Bob Cline                      Monica Gary,Wayne Clark, Dave Clegg, Frank Jancura, Craig Wallace

1982        Craig Wallace                 Monica Gary,Wayne Clark, Dave Clegg, Frank Jancura, Vince Taylor

1983        Craig Wallace                 Monica Gary, Rida White, Wayne Clark, Dave Clegg, Frank Jancura, Vince Taylor,

                                                   Team Manager, Bob Cline

1984        Frank Jancura                  Monica Gary, Rida White, Wayne Clark, Tom Halbedel, Terry Oehrtman,

                                                   Vince Taylor, Team Manager, Craig Wallace

1985        Franck Jancura                Monica Gary, Rida White, Wayne Clark, Tom Halbedel, Terry Oehrtman,

                                                   Vince Taylor, Team Manager, Craig Wallace

1986        Monica Gary                   Terry Oehrtman, Vince Taylor, Thomas Elkins, Rida White, Jenny Elin

1987        Monica Gary                   Jenny Elin, Rida White, Terry Oehrtman, Jason Lindsay, Thomas Elkins, Wayne Clark

                                                   Andy Wolfe, Craig Wallace, Vince Taylor

1988        Terry Oehrtman               Thomas Elkins, Andy Wolfe, Wayne Clark, Donna Joseph, Jenny Elin,

               Rida White                     Scott Williamson, Troy Shockley, Hub Reed

1989        Terry Oehrtman               Thomas Elkins, Donna Joseph, Chris Masters, Hub Reed, Vince Taylor, Craig Wallace

               Rida White                     Team Manager, Wayne Clark

1990        Tom Elkins                    Keith McGuire, Frank Jancura, Monica Gary, Donna Joseph, Hub Reed, Mike Bailey

               Rida White                    

1991                                            Did Not participate

1992        Tom Elkins                    Frank Jancura, Donna Joseph, Monica Gary, Hub Reed, Mike Bailey, Vince Taylor

               Rida White                    

1993        Tom Elkins                    Hub Reed, Mike Bailey, Bob Tomasic, Dennis Robinson, Nancy Beaty, Rida White

               Donna Joseph                 Team Manager Wayne Clark

1994        Hub Reed                       Mike Bailey, Bob Tomasic, Dennis Robinson, Nancy Beaty, Rita Somerlot,

                                                   Jacqueline Below, Team Manager Wayne Clark

1995        Donna Joseph                 Tom Elkins, Rita Somerlot, Melanie Justice, Mike Bailey, Criss Somerlot,

                                                   Denise Gorski, Bob Tomasic, Team Manager, Frank Jancura

1996        Donna Joseph                 Rita Somerlot, Tom Elkins, Mike Bailey, Melanie Justice, Bob Tomasic, Monica Gary, Criss Somerlot, Denise Gorski, Team Manager Bob Karl

1997        Bob Tomasic                  Mike Bailey, Denise Gorski, Hub Reed, John Scott, Vince Taylor, Monica Gary, Eileen Grosse, Melanie Justice, Team Manager Bob Karl

1998        Bob Tomasic                  Mike Bailey, John Scott, Eileen Grosse, Nancy Beattie, Hub Reed, Tanja Simieone, Vince Taylor, Dawn Burks, Team Manager Bob Karl

1999        Mike Bailey                   Bob Tomasic, John Scott, Eileen Grosse, Nancy Beattie, Hub Reed, Tanja Simieone, Dawn Burks, Dennis Robinson, Jeff Sheets, Beth Forney, Karen Turley

2000        Mike Bailey                   Eileen Grosse, Annette Blue, Rae Alexander, Jackie Below, John Scott, Dennis Robinson, Jeff Sheets, Vern Kiehl Team Manager Bob Tomasic

2001        Eileen Grosse                  Jeff Sheets, Nancy Beattie, Vern Miehl, Jackie Below, Mike Bailey, Annette Blue, Mike Beaty, Megan Fritz, Team Manager Bob Karl

2002        Eileen Grosse                  Vern Kiehl, Mike Bailey, Dave Pavlansky, Jeff Sheets, Nancy Beattie, Jackie Below, Cathy Esposito, Megan Fritz, Team Manager Bob Karl