Bud Greenspan Films

The Olympiad Series

The 1500 Meters
The 800 Meters
The African Runners
An Olympic Symphony
The Australians
The Big Ones That Got Away
The Decathlon
The East Europeans
The East Germans
The Fastest Men in the World
The Incredible Five
Jesse Owens Returns to Berlin
The Magnificent Ones
The Marathon
The Persistent Ones
The Rare Ones
The Soviet Athlete
They Didn't Have a Chance
Women Gold Medal Winners

The Olympiad Greatest Moments boxed set contains:
The Marathon and The Decathlon
The 800 Meters and The 1500 Meters
The Fastest Men in the World and The African Runners
The Magnificent Seven (The Incredible Five and The Magnificent Ones)
Those Who Endured (The Persistent Ones and The Rare Ones)
Against All Odds (The Big Ones That Got Away and They Didn't Have a Chance)
The Soviet Athlete and The East Germans

Other Films

16 Days of Glory (1984 Olympics)
16 Days of Glory Part II (1984 Olympics)
Barcelona ’92: 16 Days of Glory
Best of the Best Olympic Moments (aka The Olympic Challenge)
Bud Greenspan’s Favorite Stories of Olympic Glory
The Ethiopians
For the Honor of Their Country
Great Moments at the Olympic Games
Greatest Moments In Olympic History
The Greatest Moments of the Olympiad
Jeopardy Presents a Tribute to the Olympic Games
The Olympic Challenge (aka Best of the Best Olympic Moments)
Seoul ’88: 16 Days of Glory