ExSport II: An Expert Sport Management Career Interest System


ExSport II

Welcome to ExSport II, an interactive sport management career interest system! ExSport II is designed to help you learn more about careers available in sport management. 

ExSport II will ask you 18 questions about your interests. In order for ExSport II to work correctly, you must answer at least 4 of the 18 questions. Based on your answers to the questions, ExSport II will give you examples of careers that are compatible with your interests.

There are two boxes in front of each question. - If your answer to a question is "yes", - click on the first box. If you want an explanation of the question, click on the box with the question mark.

After you have answered all 18 questions, click on "submit" to discover some of the careers that are available to you.

 ? 1. Do you enjoy tasks that require you to organize people and information?
 ? 2. Do you enjoy writing?
 ? 3. Would you enjoy a job associated with physical exercise?
 ? 4. Do you think you might enjoy personnel management?
 ? 5. Would you like to be involved in the compilation and analysis of information regarding sporting events?
 ? 6. Would you like to lead exercise classes?
 ? 7. Would you like to be responsible for the budgeting process?
 ? 8. Might you enjoy preparing printed materials concerning sports?
 ? 9. Are you interested in physical fitness assessment and evaluation?
 ? 10. Do you think you might enjoy the scheduling process?
 ? 11. Do you think you would like to make personal appearances on behalf of your organization?
 ? 12. Do you enjoy financial record keeping?
 ? 13. Might you enjoy working on media relations?
 ? 14. Are you interested in cardiac rehabilitation programs?
 ? 15. Do you enjoy the planning process?
 ? 16. Might you enjoy interviewing athletes or other people associated with sports?
 ? 17. Would you like to design physical fitness programs?
 ? 18. Would you enjoy suggesting therapeutic or rehabilitation exercises for clients?

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