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Shatzel Hall, BGSU


Constantine II-left hand
    From the Musei Capitolini: fragment of a monumental stature of Constantine II
(photo Copyright 2006 by JMP)

CLCV 3810: Roman Life

4:00-5:15 T/Th

Math/Science Bldg 330

[Note: CLCV 3810H, the Honors section of Roman Life, meets with the regular section and has a similar schedule. Some assignments and due dates are different, though: see the Honors Syllabus for the special requirements of 3810H.]


James M. Pfundstein, Ph.D.
Shatzel 222
Office Hours: Mon. 1:30-2:20, Tues. 12:30-1:20,  and by appointment.
Office phone: 419-372-8278


Shelton, As the Romans Did (2nd ed. Oxford, 1997)

Morey, Outlines of Roman History (American Book Company, 1901)

online at Camden's Forum Romanum site.

also at Google Books.

Online resources:

The single most important resource for the study of Roman history on the web is Bill Thayer's Lacus Curtius. Of special interest to Roman Life students will be  his on-line edition of Roman articles Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities-- an encyclopedic work with heaps of information on how the Romans lived their lives.*/home*.html

Another great resource at Lacus Curtius: a slew of articles from Platner and Ashby's Topological Dictionary of Ancient Rome.*/home*.html

Another on-line edition of Smith's Antiquities is at the Perseus Project. It can be tricky to find stuff in this edition, as the entries are keyed by Latin words, and not always the ones you'd expect. Still, you might get a lucky (and useful) hit here.

If you're on campus (or sign in via the remote access server), there are some good resources available through OhioLink. For instance,   the Classics section of Oxford Reference Online:

    on-campus URL:

    off-campus URL (sign in first at the remote access server):

  Also useful in the Internet Ancient History Sourcebook at Fordham University

Another great source, with scads of images that can be searched by keyword, is VRoma:



Sept. 8, Oct. 6, Nov. 10, Dec. 1

1 midterm
Tues. Oct. 20

follow link above to description;
Fri. Sept. 25

short research paper
follow link above to description;
due Fri. Nov. 20

final exam
Thurs. Dec. 17,







No makeups given due to absence without prior arrangement with the instructor.
No one can pass the course without passing the final examination and turning in both papers.
No incompletes issued except for pressing reasons and by prior arrangement with the instructor.
"A noun's a thing; a verb's a thing it does. The can of beets is filled with purple fuzz."--Steve Kowit, The Grammar Lesson
The instructor reserves the right to recognize significant improvement (or decline) in student performance when awarding the final grade.
The maximum amount of extra credit which may count towards the final grade = 5% of the total course points.
The syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor; changes will be announced in class and posted on-line.


Week 1
Aug. 25, 27
 Shelton, Intro;
Morey, I-III
Week 2
Sept. 1, 3
 Shelton, I-II;
Morey, IV-VI

Week 3
Sept. 8, 10
Shelton, III;
Morey, VII-IX
Tues. Sept. 8: Quiz 1 
(lectures/readings weeks 1-2) 
Week 4
Sept. 15, 17
Shelton, IV;
Morey, X-XIII

Week 5
Sept. 22, 24
Shelton, V
Morey, XIV-XVI
Fri. Sept. 25: Review due
Week 6
Sept. 29, Oct. 1
Shelton VI-VII;

Week 7
Oct. 6, 8
Shelton, VIII-IX
Tues. Oct. 6: Quiz 2
(lectures/readings weeks 3-5)
Week 8
----, Oct. 15
McManus on Roman clothing,
 I and II;
Oct. 12-13: Fall Break
No classes
Week 9
Oct. 20, 22
Shelton X;
Morey, XIX-XX
Tues. Oct 20: Midterm
(lectures/readings weeks 1-8)
Week 10
Oct. 27, 29
Shelton XI;
handout on Roman soldier ;

Week 11
Nov. 3, 5
Shelton, XII
November 3: Election Day.
Fer suffragium!

Week 12
Nov. 10, 12
Tues. Nov. 10: Quiz 3
(lectures/readings weeks 9-11) 
Week 13
Nov. 17, 19
Shelton, XIII;
Morey, XXVII
Fri. Nov. 20: Paper due
Week 14
Nov. 24, -----
Shelton, XIV;
Thurs. Nov. 26: Meleagridophagia (optional)

No classes: Nov. 25-29
Week 15
Dec. 1, 3
Shelton, XV
 Tues. Dec. 1: Quiz 4
(lectures/readings weeks 13-14)
Week 16
Dec. 9, 11
Morey, XXIX
Finals Week
Dec. 14-18
-------------------- Final Exam:
Thurs. Dec. 17,



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