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Below are links to some photos I took while in Italy in 1984. At the time I had no idea that I would end up as a classicist, and it was fairly evident even then that I would never be a professional photographer, so the selection of images is somewhat random. But it seems to me that these are fairly interesting. (I know people always think this about their own photos.) All the images are under copyright, but may be freely copied and used for any noncommercial purpose. (I can't imagine what commercial purpose they might serve, but my imagination doesn't stretch very far in that direction.)

The Curia (Senate House) in the Roman Forum

The temple of the deified Marcus Aurelius, and his notoriously chaste wife Faustina

E' VIETATO L'ACCESSO-- "Entrance Forbidden." I got used to seeing this sign (or variations of it).

The arch-villain of Pompeii's story: Vesuvius (seen from across the bay of Naples).

Pompeii: "Thou wall" etc. (larger version of image from JMP's homepage)

Pompeii's Amphitheater: View from the stands

Pompeii's Amphitheater: Gladiators' entrance

Pompeii's Amphitheater: View from the sand

Pompeii: the Gladiatorial School

Pompeii: Theater (a larger version of the photo above)

Pompeii: Theater (with gladiatorial school beyond)

Pompeii: Thermopolium (fast food store)

small                         large

Inscription by the duoviri (Pompeii's mayors)

full image                    detail

Pompeian Grafitti 1

small                         large

Pompeian Grafitti 2

small                         large

Pompeian Grafitti 3

small                         large

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