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When you have a paper accepted for publication, you are encouraged to come here and fill out a survey, detailing the path your paper took to publication. If you still have the information on hand, you are encouraged to fill out surveys regarding previous publications as well.* As time goes on and (hopefully) more data comes in, I intend to gradually add more statistical analysis. For example, it might be useful (or at least interesting) to know whether there is a statistically significant correlation between (a) whether someone gets comments back when a paper is rejected and (b) how long they wait before sending the paper somewhere else. This might tell us something about how seriously philosophers take/how useful they find reviewer comments in general.

Privacy Policy: All answers to survey questions will be made available to the public. However, most survey questions are optional, so you can choose to provide as much or as little potentially identifying information as you feel comfortable with. Any other identifying information collected as a result of taking the survey (such as IP address) will be kept strictly confidential. As the survey uses Google Forms, you may also wish to view Google's privacy policy here.

*This project is partly inspired by Andrew Cullison's Journal Surveys site (though it is intended to serve a rather different purpose). The starting list of venues in the survey was cribbed from that site.

If you would like to work with the data yourself, you can download it in CSV format.

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