Welcome to my portfolio. I am a third-year phd candidate in the Department of English at Bowling Green State University with a specialization in Rhetoric and Writing. I teach first-year writing with the General Studies Writing department at BGSU as part of my assistantship. I am also an associate editor for Computers & Composition: An International Journal, and an associate editor for Itineration.

My research currently focuses on digital tracking technologies and surveillance, networked process, identity and technology, advovacy of multimodal composition, and cyberfeminist interventions of digital writing spaces. I am most interested in exploring ways computer algorithms shape writers in virtual and physical spaces.

My teaching has focused on exploring various multimodal elements--text, sound, visual, and spatial modes--and how by combining certain modes, communications become enhanced or nuanced. My purpose is to help prepare students to not only be consumers of digital rhetorics (broadly conceived), but also to be producers of multimodal compositions for particular communicative needs.

My service focuses on community building within the university through connecting with faculty and peers about concerns relevant to institutional practices with a focus on integrating more multimodal work in writing programs.

If you have questions about my research direction, teaching, or service, please email me at a enbeck@bgsu.edu

this portfolio

contains selected information about my research, teaching, and service including: