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Studying C. S. Lewis @ BGSU

I have been teaching or serving as an administrator at Bowling Green State University in Ohio (NOT Kentucky!) since 1981. Along the way I have built my academic research and teaching interests around the works and example of C. S. Lewis. To this end, I have often taught on-campus credit courses at the undergrad and grad level on Lewis. Since becoming a full-time administrator (Associate Dean for International Programs and Distance Education) in the late 1990s, I have taught fewer and fewer face-to-face courses, and have begun to offer my C. S. Lewis courses online--sometimes for credit, often for free for Barnes and Noble's online University.

Students often write to ask me if it is possible to "study" C. S. Lewis at BGSU at the graduate level. The answer is, of course, one can arrange to study most anything on an independent basis, and for thesis and dissertation topics you can usually pursue anything that can be justified as a legitimate research regimen and can demonstrate its value to the academic community. This is not a difficult case, in my view, in regard to the life and work of C. S. Lewis and his friends among the Inklings. However, if the question means whether there be lots of course work available, the answer is no. Only what I will occasionally offer can be likely anticipated. But I have chaired a number of senior, masters, and doctoral dissertations on Lewis over the past 25 years, and will no doubt do it some more. Among the best of these being Dr. Marvin Hinten's (Friends University, Wichita, KS) Keys to the Chronicles project, which is being published this year by Broadman and Holman.

Students interested in pursuing graduate work in English at BGSU should contact the Graduate Advisor directly. I would be glad to give you advice about the application and admission process, but my administrative duties are outside the department of English these days, and so I do have any direct impact on the processes. Please note that at the Masters level one may study literature, rhetoric, scientific and technical communication, and creative writing; however, at the doctoral level, only rhetoric and writing are available topic and course work areas. Several students, nevertheless, have geared their doctoral work in the direction of the Inklings--and so, if carefully crafted, a dissertation project can be approved within the general subject matter of "Rhetoric and Writing"(if this is a new term to you, go here).

If you are interested in my "sometimes" offered online credit courses on C. S. Lewis, you can watch this space for news of a scheduled course, and can look at a sample course outline here.

If you are interested in my Barnes and Noble Online University course on the Chronicles of Narnia (which should be scheduled sometime this Fall), you can not only watch this space, but check on the B&N website.


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