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This site began in 1995 as an adjunct to the three-day summer workshops on CSL that I used to conduct at Bowling Green State University. In those heady days it was the first and only site dedicated to Lewis and the Inklings, and I collaborated with an internet friend, "Dr. Zeus," John Visser, whom I met on the late, great Mere Lewis list. John went on to found the very excellent site "Into the Wardrobe," where I have placed several texts over the years.

Since 1995, I have used this site mainly as a means to communicate with other Lewis scholars and enthusiasts, and to post my essays, public lectures, and any basic news about things Lewisiana. With the coming of the Narnian movies, and the publication of my two new books on Narnia this Fall, I thought it time for an overhaul and refurbishing. Over the past ten years, I have probably generated hundreds of thousands of hits, and have corresponded with countless thousands who have a question about Lewis or the availability of a text or, quite often, what the copyright laws allow or prohibit in regard to Lewis's works.

Much of that I will now cover in my "Lewis Blog," which will allow me to comment less formally on a range of topics and "on the run" so to speak. In the past this site has been updated about twice a year, and I hope the blog allows me to perform that function more frequently. Stay tuned! And if you have a link you wish me to include on the right-hand bar, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Into the Wardrobe: The C. S. Lewis WWW Page: the most versatile and popular resource.

C. S. Lewis Foundation: a major foundation supporting scholarship and seminars on C. S. Lewis.

Harper Collins Lewis Site: News on various books and available study guides.

Narnia Movie Site: News on the Upcoming Narnia Movie

Publisher's Narnia Site: News on Narnia books, excerpts, teacher helps.

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