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2006-07 Schedule

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Spring-Fall, 2006


  • (April 22, 2006): MAGDALENE COLLEGE, Cambridge University, UK. "C. S. Lewis: An American View."
  • (October 5-9, 2006):"Further Up and Further In: An Inkling for a Day Workshop," UMC 2006 CHRISTIAN EDUCATORS FELLOWSHIP CONFERENCE, Lake Junaluska, NC

    2007 & Beyond

    Though Narnia mania has died down, there are other reasons to schedule and plan a workshop involving the work of C. S. Lewis-for more ideas about relevant topics and useful ministry opportunities, check here.

    Narnia on Tour

    "Narnia on Tour" was sponsored by The Matthew's House Project, at several sites this Fall, 2005, in conjunction with the launching of the first of the Narnia movie series, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. At various Borders Book Stores Lewis Scholars gave a public address and, as appropriate, had a book signing. Those attending my lectures had the opportunity to purchase signed copies of my two new Narnia books. My participation is now complete, but I remain involved in scheduling more events as time permits.


    Into the Wardrobe: The C. S. Lewis WWW Page: the most versatile and popular resource.

    C. S. Lewis Foundation: a major foundation supporting scholarship and seminars on C. S. Lewis.

    Harper Collins Lewis Site: News on various books and available study guides.

    Narnian Resources Site:
    Sample chapters from my book, and other study helps from Lifeway Bookstores.

    Narnia Movie Site: News on the Upcoming Narnia Movie

    Publisher's Narnia Site: News on Narnia books, excerpts, teacher helps.

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