"All that is not eternal is eternally out of date."-- C. S. Lewis


To all young researchers and teachers sending their students for help with term papers, essays, and other high school and college assignments involving C. S. Lewis:

Before writing to ask for help with basic questions about C S Lewis's life or work, please do some "research" yourself, that is, follow on to the sources below, and do some initial reading and library time. I think you will find these links useful for the most basic questions you may have:


Overview of Lewis's Life and Relevant Bibliographic Sources for Study

Summary and Analysis of Lewis's autobiography, Surprised by Joy


Your visit to websites should be not a substitute for learning how to read and interpret information on your own. If you write with "generic questions," for instance, "Can you tell me what the Christian allusions in Narnia are?"  or "Did C. S. Lewis ever marry?" I will refer you to the standard resources out there to consult first:

(1) Walter Hooper's C. S. Lewis Companion and Guide (HarperCollins, 1996)

(2) The C. S. Lewis Readers Encyclopedia (Zondervan, 1998). (I contributed many essays to the latter volume.)

Two other very helpful works are:

The Quotable C. S. Lewis by Wayne Maritndale and Jerry Root (1995)

The C. S. Lewis Index by Janine Goffar (Crossway Books, 1997).


To honor the name of C. S. Lewis, please do your own research first--then ask for the help of others.


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