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This page collects ongoing media stories written about Narnia and/or interviews and reviews that include quotations from me.

DECEMBER 9, 2005

DECEMBER 2-8, 2005

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This site has been modified from an original creation by my talented son, Justin R. Edwards. Click here to discover his and his brother Michael's PSEUDOBOOK site for film, story, & music in the Inklings tradition of whimsy and imagination. For exciting news about Justin's latest music product, click here for: Greed. For exciting news about Michael's latest music project, click here for: Songs.


Into the Wardrobe: The C. S. Lewis WWW Page: the most versatile and popular resource.

C. S. Lewis Foundation: a major foundation supporting scholarship and seminars on C. S. Lewis.

Harper Collins Lewis Site: News on various books and available study guides.

Narnian Resources Site
Sample chapters from my book, and other study helps from Lifeway Bookstores.

Narnia Movie Site: News on the Upcoming Narnia Movie

Publisher's Narnia Site: News on Narnia books, excerpts, teacher helps.

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