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 Dr. Bruce L. Edwards
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Photo of Bruce and Joan Edwards at Lake Manyara, Tanzania. (Courtesy of Michael Edwards, 2005)
I have been a faculty member and administrator at BGSU since 1981. I am currently serving as Professor of English and Africana Studies and Associate Vice Provost for Academic Technology. My Ph.D. is from the University of Texas at Austin (1981).

I have had the privilege of serving as a Fulbright Fellow in Nairobi, Kenya (1999-2000), teaching at Daystar University and doing research on 1st generation African college students.

I frequently travel to East Africa and have been successful in helping to produce several grants linking BGSU programs to other African nations, includingTunisia and Tanzania.

Currently, I serving as the administrator overseeing the development of distance education at BGSU. Our websites help faculty and students find their way in the burgeoning field of e-learning. Thanks to the terrific leadership of my staff in COBL (Center for Online & Blended Learning), we now have over 500 courses available for online delivery; this encompasses three undergraduate degree completion programs, and a growing number of masters and graduate certificate programs.

You may find a short version of my most recent curriculum vita/resume here.


Images of Kenya

I frequently lecture and have widely published on the life and work of C. S. Lewis--in addition to wide ranging work on the topics of world rhetorics, African literature and culture, computer- mediated writing, Southern U. S. Women Writers (e.g., Flannery O'Connor) and distance education. My most recent publication is the four volume reference set: C. S. Lewis: Life, Works, Legacy from Praeger Press, 2007.

I have directed dozens of doctoral dissertations, masters theses, and senior theses on a wide range of topics that include writers such as C. S. Lewis, St. Teresa de Avila, Walker Percy, Garrison Keillor, and Martin Buber; as well as discourse theory topics like museum theory, the epistemology of Karl Popper, Dorothy L. Sayer's "lost tools of learning," and rhetorical traditions in Kenya.

I have served as faculty advisor to the student group, Fellowship of Christian Graduate Students, since 1990.


  • "All that is not eternal is eternally out of date." - C. S. Lewis

  • "If you're a big enough fool to climb a tree and like a cat refuse to come down, then someone who loves you has to make as big a fool of himself to rescue you." - Walker Percy.

    And all these by the great Gilbert Keith Chesterton:

  • "Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions." - ILN, 4/19/30

  • "Impartiality is a pompous name for indifference, which is an elegant name for ignorance." - The Speaker, 12/15/00

  • "An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." - On Running After Ones Hat, All Things Considered, 1908
  • Africana studies: the literature, cultural history, art and music of both indigenous, continental Africa and the African diaspora.

  • The life and works of Anglo-Irish writer C. S. Lewis. I maintain a well-regarded web site on him and his friends known as the Inklings.
    C. S. Lewis

  • The converging fields of discourse studies, computer-mediated writing and instruction, and web-based (e-learning) delivery of curricula. I have been schooled in the tagmemic theories of the late Kenneth L. Pike and regard him (and C. S. Lewis) as my intellectual mentors on these topics and many others.

  • The creative work of my three sons and only daughter previewed and sampled on the fascinating website known as Pseudobook.

  • The integration of Christian faith and learning within the university setting in a postmodern climate in which all forms of knowledge creation, validation, and dissemination are under scrutiny.

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