The research conducted in my laboratory is diverse, but most of our work relates to how animals make decisions.  We work on a variety of animals and we currently have active projects on life history decisions and alternative reproductive tactics in fishes and on learning and flower choice in bumble bees and honey bees.

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Welcome to the Wiegmann Laboratory

We are involved in a long-term study of the reproductive behavior and life history decisions of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) in a lake in northern Wisconsin.  The project is a collaboation between members of our laboratory, Jeffrey R. Baylis (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Lisa M. Angeloni (Colorado State University) and Steven P. Newman (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources).

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Life History Studies

Daniel D. Wiegmann

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In our laboratory we study how the memory of rewards influences the behavior of honey bee and bumble bee foragers that encounter an especially low, or high, quality reward.  The project is a collaboration between members of our laboratory, Brian H. Smith (Arizona State University) and Douglas A. Wiegmann (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota).

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Learning Studies

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