I teach a number of classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels, inlcuding special topic seminars when student interest warrants.

GEOL 1000 - Introduction to Geology - The earth; physical and historical geology; including economic, social and environmental aspects.

GEOL 3090 - Structural Geology and Tectonics - Identification and interpretation of geologic structures; mechanics of rock deformation, fracturing and folding, plate tectonics and orogeny.

GEOL 6090 - Structural Geology (graduate class) - Study of the deformation of the earth's crust. Analysis of stress and strain. Origin and significance of geologic structures.

GEOL 6150 - Engineering Geology (graduate class) - Characterization of geologic materials for engineering purposes; engineering properties of soils; slope stability; evaluation of natural hazards; foundation design.

GEOL 6200 - Environmental Geophysics (graduate class) - Application of geophysical techniques to the exploration of the shallow subsurface with an emphasis on environmental problems. Seismic reflection and refraction, resistivity, magnetics, and gravity.


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