Selected Pi References

That the ratio of circumference to diameter is the same (and roughly equal to 3) for all circles has been accepted as "fact" for centuries (at least 4000 years, as far as I can determine), but knowing why this is true, as well as knowing the exact value of this ratio, is another story.

Any good book on the history of mathematics will supply you with dozens of interesting facts about the evolution of our understanding of ; a couple of these are listed below. In addition, literally hundreds of technical and semi-technical articles have been written about over the years; I've included a few of these, too.

A trip to any good library will easily yield more information than I could ever hope to catalogue here. (And please consider visiting a library before emailing me with your questions. I am neither a historian nor an expert on ; I'm just a well-informed fan!)


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Expository Articles

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Technical and Semi-Technical Articles

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